Fully Vaccinated People Can Kiss on Dates: Oregon Health Officials

Fully Vaccinated People Can Kiss on Dates: Oregon Health Officials

  • Fully vaccinated people can get intimate on dates again, Oregon Health Authority said.
  • The date should be canceled if one of the parties is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.
  • OHA had previously recommended that masturbation was the best option for intimate relationships during the pandemic.

Oregon Health Authority gave permission for you to have intimate dates again, if you’re fully vaccinated.

“If you’re both vaccinated and taking COVID-19 precautions, intimacy is likely to be safe,” OHA said on its Facebook page.

The new guidelines highlight how “confusing” dating during a global pandemic can be. OHA has issued new guidelines to help couples get along with new partners, despite the fact that there have been widespread vaccinations this year.

Once both parties are vaccinated, OHA recommends choosing an outdoor location for a date night if

meetings aren’t cutting it. You should postpone the date for 10 days if either party has COVID-19 symptoms. OHA recommends wearing masks and social distancing if your date will be in a noisy or indoor environment.

OHA allows intimacy only if both are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and have taken precautions to avoid it.

It’s a notable change from OHA’s recommendations earlier in the pandemic, when the health experts suggested masturbation would be the safest optionrather than dating as COVID-19 spread across the state — saying “you are your safest sex partner.”

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