Friends bloopers Spotted By Fans After 27 Years

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire 27 years since Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel all stepped on our screens in the very first episode of Friends. Many of us have seen Friends over the past two-and-a-half decades so many times that we are familiar with the script more than our lives.

Friends bloopers Spotted By Fans After 27 Years

Friends fans will be aware that it doesn’t matter how many times a show is viewed, but with each re-run, you begin to see things you didn’t know before. Given the popularity of Friends, it’s not surprising that so many editing mistakes and bloopers have made their way onto the program. There are many examples of such obvious mistakes on the internet that we have turned our backs for so long. Is it less of a reason to love the show? No, it doesn’t. But does it make us feel stupid that we didn’t notice the errors earlier?

One of the most infamous editing mistakes dates back to “The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate” in the very first episode. In which Phoebe is seen reacting to her line and being transported from the kitchen onto the living room couch, Phoebe can be seen reacting to it. We know that she has a twin but it is highly unlikely that Ursula was also visiting Monica’s apartment.

In the second season of “The One Where Ross Finds Out,” Rachel’s necklace disappears from thin air as she works in Central Perk. You can see why it was so obvious that none of us noticed it before. The episode continues to The One In Massapequa, season eight. It is filled with errors that center around Monica’s parents, Jack Geller and Judy Geller.

They are celebrating their 35th anniversary. However, if you look closely at the photos of them around Massapequa, you will see that they are wearing the same outfits to the party. It would have been hard to believe they could own more than one outfit. Also, the episode shows Rachel and Ross telling their stories of their fake wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, a man pretending he is Jack Geller can also be seen behind Rachel.

This is because the TV show was shot in 4 to 3, which was standard at that time. The series was moved to Netflix and can now be seen on a wider screen (16:9). This has allowed for many hidden errors that were not obvious in the past. The same thing can also be seen happening with Rachel as she talks to Joey in Monica and Chandler’s kitchen about her audition with Jeff Goldblum’s role in The One With the Mugging.

Friends fans will know that this is only the beginning of the editing errors and bloopers that occurred throughout the 10 seasons. One thing is certain, Friends continues to be as iconic as ever after 27 years.

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