Franklin Floyd, who is he?


After Sharon Marshall was kidnapped by Franklin Delano Floyd, HORROR followed.

True crime sleuths have been curious about Floyd’s current location since Sharon’s story has become the focus of the Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture.

In the wake of his repeated criminal offenses, Franklin Floyd went on the run in 1973 and continued his crime spree


Franklin Floyd fled the scene in 1973, after he was convicted of numerous criminal offenses. He continued his crime spree.Credit: FBI

Franklin Floyd, who are you?

Franklin Floyd, an American criminal, was born on June 17, 1943 in Barnesville.

He broke into a Sears store in California on February 19, 1960 and had his first encounter with the law.

Floyd was arrested again by police one year later for violating parole stemming form his first offense.

After being convicted of child molestation and kidnapping, he was sentenced in 1962 to 10-20 years imprisonment.

The criminal was also arrested in November 1972 for trying to sexually assault a woman in a gas station.

After Floyd went on the run, and became a fugitive from the law, a warrant was issued to arrest him.

When did Floyd kidnap Sharon Marshall?

He lived in Dallas, Texas, with Sandi Chipman, his wife, under the alias Brandon Williams, from 1974 to 1975.

Floyd met Sandi while he was still Brandon.

After a while of dating, he convinced her move to Texas with him.

Sandi was sentenced to 30 Days in Prison in 1975 for failing to pass bad checks.

Floyd took her children with her during Floyd’s 30-day sentence.

He released the three youngest children and kept Suzanne, their oldest sister.

Franklin Floyd became a fugitive in the early 1970s and stood trial for the murder of Cheryl Ann Commesso and abduction of Michael Anthony Hughes


Franklin Floyd, who was an escaped prisoner in the early 1970s, was tried and convicted of the murder of Cheryl Ann Commesso as well as the kidnapping of Michael Anthony Hughes.Credit: Florida Department of Corrections

Suzanne was then renamed Sharon Marshall by the criminal, and he posed as her father over the years.

Floyd and Suzanne were abducted by Floyd. He used many names.

Suzanne assumed the alias of Tonya Hughes sometime around the time that they were married.

In April 1990, she sustained severe injuries in a hit and run 100 miles outside Oklahoma City.

Three people alerted law enforcement about what they saw. This resulted in officers taking her to the hospital, where she was presumed to be dead.

Floyd, where are you now?

Floyd was charged with the 1989 murders of Cheryl Ann Commesso & Michael Anthony Hughes’ kidnapping.

Suzanne had Cheryl as a coworker when they worked together at a Tampa strip club.

Suzanne had already changed her alias to Tonya Hughes when she met Cheryl.

Suzanne, who was known as Tonya, gave birth to Michael while she was under the alias Tonya. This baby boy was thought to be Floyd’s child until DNA testing following Sharon’s death confirmed otherwise.

Floyd took Michael from his elementary schools on September 12, 1994. Since then, the child has not been seen.

The murderer kept the details about the kid’s abduction secret until 2015, when he confessed to shooting and killing Michael on the day he disappeared.

The kidnapper was convicted in his trial of Cheryl’s murder as well as Michael’s kidnapping.

The murder trial ended with his convictions. He was sentenced death row. He has been awaiting execution since 2002.

He is currently awaiting execution at Raiford’s Union Correctional Institution in Florida.

All the horrors inflicted by Franklin Floyd on Sharon Marshall, her child Michael, and Cheryl were retold in Netflix’s 2022 documentary, Girl in the Picture.


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