Fortnite players FUMING as connectivity issues prevent them from logging in

Fortnite players are up in arms over what appears to be an ISP issue which means they can’t log in.

The Fortnite Status Twitter account announced that it was looking into the issue yesterday, but at the time of writing, it’s still ongoing.

“We’re looking into login/connection errors affecting players in certain countries,” it said,

It added that it expects the problems to be ISP-related but would be investigating and sharing further updates when it has more details.

It appears that the problems began the day before Twitter acknowledged them.

Many people have expressed their dismay at the inability to take action.

“Only took you about 12 hours, awesome work guys!” said one.

“I’ve had this for like 3 hours and now you guys notice it,” chimed in another.

According to this thread, Fortnite players who are affected cannot log in to the game.

The people who manage it say that they have experienced ‘everything disabling’ and cannot join matches.

The error appears to only be occurring in certain countries, according to the initial tweet by the support account.

These issues are affecting countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia.

ISP problems are also frustrating other European countries.

One Twitter user says they can get into the game but their husband “in the next room” can’t, and so they’re doubtful it’s ISP-related.

However, there aren’t any further updates. If you’re having trouble connecting, know that we’re investigating.

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