Former SpaceX Rocket Scientist Opens Automated, Mobile Pizza Delivery Service


Making pizza is not rocket science, but that didn’t stop actual rocket scientist Benson Tsai from using his technological knowledge into giving his culinary endeavors a competitive edge. 

Tsai, a former employee of SpaceX, designed the battery systems that powered rockets into orbit. Tsai is using his expertise to launch Stellar Pizza – a fully-automated mobile pizza delivery service. 

It all began with research, just like any other project.

“I can’t even count the number of pizzas I’ve eaten,”Tsai stated. 

He actually gives his employees a monthly stipend so they can eat other pizza to improve their product. 

An algorithm calculates the time it takes to reach the delivery address when a customer orders a pizza through an app. Based on this information, the algorithm decides when to make the pizza. 

“Ultimately for me it’s about solving problems wherever they are, solving problems here on earth, affordable access to high quality, fresh foods is not something that is readily available for everyone, right?”Tsai stated. 

The truck makes all pizzas in five minutes. 

If it all sounds very high-tech, that’s because many of Tsai’s employees are former SpaceX workers too. 

“What we’re trying to do is very hard, I needed to recruit the best and the brightest to develop a mobile pizza machine that is basically a spaceship on wheels,”Tsai stated. 



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