Former hotel manager: Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t use toiletries from your room

Former hotel managers have revealed the reasons why it is best to never use toiletries that are provided in your rooms.

Hotel rooms are used by lots of different people and not everyone treats things as respectfully as perhaps they should.

A hotel manager has revealed why you should never use the toiletries in your room


Hotel manager tells why toiletries are never used in roomsCredit: Getty

It can cause items to be damaged or much more dirty than the guest would think.

Melissa Hanks (@melly_creationsThe hotel manager knows what items to avoid in the rooms.

A recent video On TikTok the former hotel manager reveals why certain hotel toiletries should not be used by guests.

She said, “I’ll never use the refillable bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I see in the shower.”

People could add anything to them. I have seen Nair, as well as other things.

The pumps are easily unscrewed and can therefore be filled with anything.

Melissa showed a toiletry dispenser that was locked in place.

She continued: “Now I will be using these because you need to unlock them in order to refill them.”

Locked refillable pump will prevent guests from tampering with them.

This video was viewed more than 1,7 million times, prompting some guests to express concern about the safety and efficacy of their own shower gels.

Someone wrote, “The whole shampoo issue stresses me out.” I’m on the road all the time, and I keep my packing to a minimum by using hotel shampoo.”

Melissa stated in the comment that certain hotels will stock mini bottles of shampoo at reception.

In the comments, other hotel employees also offered their advice.

A person said: “As an ex-housekeeping manager for Disney, I have never used the glass cups that are in the hotel rooms.”

A third person said: “I was working at a resort when I saw the housekeeper use the same cloth to clean the coffee pot and then wipe down the toilet! I’m still disgusted.”

Another person said: “After working as a housekeeper in a hotel I would never stay there again.”

Melissa recently explained why people should not use ice buckets because they are used for “things that you would never want to consider.”

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Meanwhile, this simple hotel mistake could result in you losing your room to someone else.

And guests always annoy housekeeping staff members by trying to help them when checking out.

She told guests to avoid using refillable bottles of shampoo and conditioner in case they've been tampered with


She warned guests not to use refillable shampoo or conditioner bottles in case the containers have been tampered.Credit: Getty

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