Florida Woman Faces New Charges after allegedly asking inmates to kill Prime Witness in Homicide Case

An accused in Florida is facing additional charges in connection to her homicide trial. She allegedly tried to persuade fellow prisoners to kill the main witness.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Announcement Tuesday’s announcement that Fatima Garcia Avila (21), was indicted for solicitation to murder. Witnesses informed authorities about Garcia Avila’s alleged efforts to persuade someone else to murder Garcia Avila.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “This woman has no regard to life but her own and she continues that feat even behind bars.” I commend the efforts of detention staff and deputies for their attentiveness, alertness, and in stopping yet another murder.”

Garcia Avila was in jail while awaiting trial on charges related to the July 2022 murders of Erica Negrete Aviles and Antonio Cuellar, Garcia Avila’s ex-boyfriend, according to Fox 13 News.

FOX 13 reports that the 21-year old is accused of helping Daniel Negrete and Cornelio Negrete murder Aviles. Then, she attempted to charge Cuellar with the crime, FOX 13. According to the news outlet, they then tried to murder Cuellar by making it appear like suicide.

Garcia-Avila (Daniel Negrete) and Cornelio Negrete (Cornelio Negrete) have all pleaded not guilty in connection to July 2022.

Garcia-Avila may have entered plead not guilty to the new charge.

Chronister said, “These senseless killings will forever change at least two family members.” “Ending someone’s life cannot — and should not — be the answer to any situation.”

According to police, Garcia Avila will be held under tight conditions in prison to ensure the protection of the prime witness. According to jail records she is in Falkenburg Road Jail.

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