Florida Man Seen Wrangling Alligator Into Garbage Can in Front Yard: ‘I Got Kids to Protect’


A Florida man seen on viral video heroically wrangling an angry alligator into a garbage can in his front yard is speaking out to Inside Edition. 

Eugene Bozzi, a father and Army vet, posted video of the scary encounter on Instagram, saying, “I got kids to protect.”

“I was getting ready to play basketball, but long story short, I see the alligator, and I didn’t hesitate,” Bozzi said.

Bozzi faced off with the gator, with only a garbage can between them. The gator hissed as it was cornered by the fearless homeowner.

“Let me know when the head is going inside. Let me know,” Bozzi said.

Onlookers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Finally, the decisive moment: with the gator all the way in the trash can, Bozzi closed the lid.

After the gator was in the can, the dad wheeled it about 400 yards to a pond and carefully released it into the water.


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