Florence Henderson Had 2 Daughters Who Look Nothing Alike And Her Daughter Barbara Followed in Her Mother’s Footsteps


Florence Henderson Had 2 Daughters Who Look Nothing Alike And Her Daughter Barbara Followed in Her Mother's FootstepsFamous actress, Florence Henderson’s children had to share her attention with her on-screen kids while she acted in “The Brady Bunch.” She had two daughters who look nothing alike — meet them. 

Florence Henderson was an entertainer of great talent who brought joy to many people’s lives just by being herself. She was a talented performer who could sing as well as act. Her fans, coworkers, and most importantly, her children loved her.

She was a perfect fit for Carol Brady, Brady Bunch’s matriarch. Florence was already a mother of four when she was cast as the Brady Bunch matriarch on the original TV series. Florence Henderson Had 2 Daughters Who Look Nothing Alike And Her Daughter Barbara Followed in Her Mother's Footsteps

Of her four kids, two are boys, Joseph and Robert, while the other two are girls who look absolutely nothing alike. Their names are Elizabeth and Barbara.

All of Florence’s kids had a great relationship with her; however, when she was filming “The Brady Bunch,” they had to share her with another bunch of kids — her on-screen ones.

Does it have an impact on her relationship with her children? It did. Let’s take a look at her daughters. One of them cried because she wasn’t Florence’s child.

A portrait of Florence Henderson the star of "The Brady Bunch" on January 01, 1977 |

A portrait of Florence Henderson, the star of “The Brady Bunch” on January 01, 1977.


Florence Henderson was very proud to be a mother. She was very proud of her grandkids and children. Her pride was not unfounded. While her boys chose to live a quiet life, her daughters acted more than her sons.

Elizabeth appeared as an actress in the 1992 movie “Somebody’s Daughter,” but mostly it. However, her sister Barbara had more luck and appeared on “The Brady Bunch” about three different times, and in 1975, she landed a role on “Police Woman.”

Barbara is also known for “9 to 5” (1980) and “…and Your Name Is Jonah” (1979). In 1995, she started working behind the camera as a producer.

Actress and Grand Marshall Florence Henderson wave from a car during a parade ahead of the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 at on May 28, 2016 | Source: Getty Images

Grand Marshall Florence Henderson, actress, and actor, waves from a vehicle during a parade to mark the 100th running the Indianapolis 500. ONE OUT OF THE GIRLS CRIED About IT Florence was a thrilled woman who shared her light with everyone she contacted.


Florence was a fundamentally happy woman who spread her light to every soul she came in contact with. Imagine being able to work alongside her for many years on a program that was loved by thousands.

Her coworkers loved her and her children on-screen loved her like a mom. The love was so deep that when they aged and welcomed kids of their own, the children referred to her as “grandmother.”

All that love was born because of Florence’s time as an actress, which meant that she was often separated from her real kids. It reached the point where the talented actresses’ children began to feel like they shared their mother.

Late "The Brady Bunch" actress Florence Henderson |

Late “The Brady Bunch” actress Florence Henderson

Susan Olsen, who played the youngest daughter Cindy on “The Brady Bunch,” considered Florence a second mom. Olsen was acutely aware of the impact of Florence spending more quality time with her children.

She was friends with Elizabeth during the series, and once, while they were both enjoying Florence’s company, a man stopped them and referred to Olsen as her “real daughter.”

The statement triggered Elizabeth’s tears as it seemed everyone thought the same thing. That was not the only time; in an old CBS interview, Florence revealed that whenever she would take her kids for an outing, they would always get interrupted by fans who would promptly brush her kids aside.

The cast of "The Brady Bunch" television series on January 01, 1969 |

The cast of “The Brady Bunch” television series on January 01, 1969.

Occasions like that often made the children sad. Elizabeth told her mother once to tell her fans that she was her real child to correct their doubts.

It is possible that her fans would have treated her children on-screen with more respect.

Barbara did a better job. She was 12 when it all started, and even though it was sometimes hard for her adolescent self to cope with, she knew that it was one of the issues with having a famous mother.


Florence had great maternal instincts, so great that she did not even have to try to be a mother; it was simply who she was.

It was shocking for her family and friends, as they expected her to recover from the illness that she suffered days before her death.

Christopher Knight, who played the middle child of Florence and Mike Brady, was very vocal about his love for Florence.

Florence Henderson, circa the 1950s. pic.twitter.com/jaKX3f1I88

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Even though she was not his birth mother, Knight valued Florence’s opinion, and earning her respect was something he actively pursued. Unwittingly, she also guided Knight by being a great role model that taught him a lot.

Knight had issues with his mother, and Florence was, for him, a better option. Many other costars felt the same about Florence. This is why their deaths were so devastating.

Florence Henderson with the Brady family, from the television series, "The Brady Bunch" |

HER DISE Florence was an inspiration to many people through her talent and her natural nature.”The Brady Bunch”


Florence touched many lives with her talents and nature. The entertainer, who began her career as an ingénue soprano in stage musicals in the 1950s, passed away in 2016 at 82.

Her publicist David Brokaw confirmed her death, who said that she breathed her last at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. According to her family, heart failure was the cause of her death.

one highlight from watching muppets last night is all of Florence Henderson’s outfits but especially this top, which I would never stop wearing pic.twitter.com/ZjzvXaIoUl

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Her death shocked everyone, especially her family, who expected her to bounce back after falling ill days before her demise.

An outpouring of grief erupted from every life she touched after the news was announced. Hollywood indeed lost a star.