Final Fantasy XIV Live Action Netflix Series Release Date

The popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV has a recent live-action adaptation. The same was officially announced back in the year 2019. This will be the 14th entry in the Final Action Series. Since then there has been a lot of gaming videos and other media additions to the Live-Action series. But, there haven’t been any announcements for its streaming rights or release date so far. It hasn’t even given streaming rights to Netflix either.

If you are an MMO fan, desperately waiting for the fourteenth entry addition to the Final Fantasy, don’t despair anymore! We have curated the details for you to know presently.

Final Fantasy XIV Live Action Netflix Series Release Date

Is Final Fantasy XIV Live Action coming to Netflix?

Back in June of 2019, Hivemind did mention the Final Fantasy fourteenth live-action addition coming to the screens as a partnership project with Sony Pictures Television, for the very first time.

Even there the Netflix to be the home for the series wasn’t mentioned either.

Lately, a Japanese source mentioned on some outlets for Final Fantasy XIV Live Action to have a streaming partner as Netflix. But, at present, there is no official announcement regarding the release date or the streaming service Netflix to have involved in the project. Hence, we have to wait for the official announcements which will be updated here at the earliest.

Final Fantasy XIV Live Action Production Status

At present, the official announcements reveal the show being in the early production stage. Hence, the streaming partner or even the release date cannot be speculated as of now.

Sony Pictures Television is the free distributor could mean that the Final Fantasy XIV Live Action could hit Netflix screens sooner or later.

Final Fantasy XIV Live Action and Netflix Connections!

The series and Netflix do have something in common. Previously, back in 2017, FINAL FANTASY XIV Dad of Light was released on Netflix. In addition, in 2021, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV was released on the Netflix U.S.

This would definitely give you a ray of hope for Final Fantasy XIV Live-Action coming to your Netflix screens someday.

This was all for now. Stay tuned with us for future updates on Final Fantasy XIV Live Action.

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