Feud with Meghan Continues: Brother giving Meghan a taste of her own Medicine

Meghan Markle, the popular failed Princess has been popular for quitting the royal duties. Now, she spends her time dishing out bogus allegations on the Royal Family. Additionally, both Markle and her husband have been focusing more on the trash talks on either side of their family. In an interesting turn of events, Markle brother is dishing out on the former actress and royal family member.

Recently, Thomas Markle Jr. has brought in Celebrity Big Brother a popular show in Australia. Upon getting a chance, Markle Jr. jumped on the bandwagon of showing how failed Meghan Markle is as a person and a princess.

Feud with Meghan Continues: Brother giving Meghan a taste of her own Medicine

Unexpected Noise hits Markle

During his screentime on Celebrity Big Brother, Thomas indicated that this is the last thing Meghan Markle wanted from her estranged family members. In addition to this, Charlotte Griffiths, the royal commentator already shared with the world that Markle aims at competing and being at the same level as the Obamas. However, the drama from the Royal and the Markle families is getting in her way.

There is a highly likely chance that Markle might be hating how things are being projected outside. And now that her brother has got a platform to speak, the tide seems to be against the former princess.

Running mouth unnecessarily runs in the Markle family

It’s not only Junior but Meghan who has already proved alongside her father; how they resent each other. One of the major highlights of the trailer of the series was Thomas declared himself to be the best. Additionally, he didn’t miss out on the chance of calling Meghan to be shallow as a human. Junior also revealed that he reportedly said to Prince Harry that Meghan will ruin his life.

Feud with Meghan Continues: Brother giving Meghan a taste of her own Medicine

There are more allegations from the brother Markle. Thomas had a letter where Meghan is called several names like conceited, shallow, jaded who makes jokes out of her husband and the heritage of the Royal Family. Junior also calls her sister’s marriage the greatest mistake in history.

These are some serious words, let’s see if Meghan opens up her Pandora box of troubles.

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