Fears of illness increase with Thanksgiving approaching, such as COVID-19 or RSV

Our third year with COVID-19 is fast approaching, but we are not done yet. Numerous people are planning for stressful Thanksgiving after doctors warned of the triple threat from COVID-19 RSV and flu.

Jamison Trevino (10 months old) is suffering from RSV like many other children in the country.

“He was up from midnight to 6 a.m. last night, just in consolable,” Inside Edition hears from Gianna, his mother. She said she had to cancel Thanksgiving.

“II had to make that call. (It’s) just really upsetting,” Sie says.

Many people are struggling with the possibility of getting sick, so Thanksgiving plans can be thrown off.

Whoopi Goldberg just returned from her trip to “The View” Following the receipt of COVID-19, my doctor is now warning people to exercise caution.

“I tell you, you know you can get boosted (for vaccines) within an inch of your life, and the next thing you know you got COVID again,” She said.

Doctors say to take a rapid COVID-19 test if you’re visiting vulnerable family members, consider wearing a mask, keep a window open during Thanksgiving dinner and stay at home if you’re feeling sick.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, approximately 55 million people will travel.

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