FBI’s latest episode had to change a shooting scene in order to be safer

FBI's latest episode had to change a shooting scene in order to be safer

Spoilers ahead: March 29th episode of FBICBS calls it “Protective Details.”

FBIWe tackled the case a New York City assassin who was taking aim at high-profile targets. “Protective Details.”After the episode started with a shooting at an ICE vs DEA hockey match, a congressman known for his hatred of immigrants was caught in the crossfire. Mulder, an agent (but Not That MulderWhile the bystanders and other players ran for cover, ), was shot to death. The original shooting was not as usual, and safety reasons were taken into account.

The agent was shot quite suddenly and within close proximity of other characters. According to the Twitter account Wolf Entertainment – a.k.a. Production company Nine of the most popular television shows are behind this list – the episode changed from practical effects to special effects for this shooting:


Although viewers undoubtedly couldn’t tell the difference between the hockey rink shooting and the various other shootings that happen on a regular basis on FBIPractical effects were not used this time with squibs. The bullets were created entirely by the special effects department. FBI isn’t the first or only show to use VFX for scenes involving firearms, as Law & Order: Organized Crime CGI was used for the dramatic courtroom sceneSeason 2: The Rookie Live weapons are bannedIn October, we will be back.

Of course, using squibs isn’t quite the same as using live weapons on set, but increased safety measures in TV productions has been a trend over the past year. Plus, FBIStill using squibs to create a new scene “Protective Details,”When the practical effects could have been achieved without risk to any actors. Have a look at these:


It was a very dangerous scene. OAIn the episode, but actor Zeeko ZakiEvidently, there was no danger. FBIWas able to use Squibs instead of VFX. “Protective Details” was a rough episode for OA on the whole, so at least he wasn’t injured. He experienced near death. in Isobel’s big episode just last week, and having to work with a congressman who promoted an agenda of hating immigrants for the sake of winning votes didn’t exactly improve his day.

OA could also be paired with TiffThe majority of the episode is while MaggieTeam up with Scola Mixing up partnerships. Although the episodes with OA/Maggie or Tiff/Scola will be back to their normal, it was a refreshing change of pace. “Protective Details.”Fans are disappointed. FBIThe show will be rerun for a few weeks before returning to the air with a new episode in April 12.

The return of the April 12th FBIParticularly big shows are planned for FBI: Most WantedAs it Introduces Dylan McDermottAs the new team leader after Julian McMahon’s departure, but it’s presumably safe to say that FBI FBI InternationalYou have many exciting things to come. You can go back to the days when FBIWith the complete series streaming so far Paramount+ SubscriptionFind out more viewing options at our 2022 TV schedule.

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