Fantasia Barrino’s son impresses his mom with a cool outfit

Fantasia Barrino is an American singer/songwriter who couldn’t be more proud of her son Dallas Xavier. She posted a picture of Dallas looking happy and ready for school. 

After winning the third season, “American Idol” Fantasia Barrino, singer and songwriter, has been visible in the entertainment business since 2004.

Barrino was not without her struggles and now lives her best life with her family.

Fantasia Barrino’s son Dallas and a photo collage.

She is now a mother of her three children.

Fantasia Barrino's son impresses his mom with a cool outfit

She shared a picture of Dallas Xavier, her nine-year-old son, with Antwaun Cook. The photo showed Dallas wearing a green shirt with brown khaki shorts.

He matched his outfit with black sneakers, socks, and a backpack. The little boy looked prepared for school and didn’t hesitate to take a picture.

Fantasia Barino, the singer, attends the 2016 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016.

He smiled while posing beside a wall in the house and made peace signs with his fingers. Barrino shared her love for her son in the caption and said he’s now on Instagram. She Submitted: “Omg!! Look who has a page @cool.Kiddallas Young King.”

Barrino Dallas in December 2011. Dallas was born at 21 inches and 7 lbs 9 ounces. The singer, who was blessed with a healthy baby boy, described him as a wonderful addition to her family.

Fantasia Barrino's son impresses his mom with a cool outfit

The singer eventually recovered from the incident and resumed her career.

Dallas arrived in Dallas’s life at a difficult time for his mother. She was accused of having dated Cook while Cook was already married and had two children.

Barrino’s Relationship with Cook irked the latter’s wife, Paula, who filed for custody of their kids. Paula consideredBarrino could be sued under an “alienation of affection”law. Barrino’s mental, and emotional health were affected by the lawsuit.

Barrino was hospitalized for a sleep aid overdose several days later after Paula filed the child custody allegations, which also included Barrino’s and Cook’s affairs.

The singer eventually recovered from the episode, and she has steadied her career. Kendall Taylor was also her love, whom she married in 2015.

On May 23, the couple welcomed their first child together, Keziah London Taylor. Barrino Share her adorable baby girl’s first pictures last month, three months after her birth.

Barrino through Kendall becameTreyshaun, Treyshaun’s son from a previous relationship, became a grandma in 2016.

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