Fans Share Their Favorite Summer House Cast Member, and It’s Not Who You Think

Fans Share Their Favorite Summer House Cast Member, and It's Not Who You Think

According to NickI Swift’s poll, 26% (147%) believe that. “Summer House”Star Ciara Miller needs some personality work as she is not the most liked cast member of the reality TV show. Luke Gulbranson, who received 24% of the vote (135), is next. Kyle Cooke (18%) and Lindsay Hubbard (105) tied for third, while Hannah Berner (82) was the most successful with 14%. 

What does Miller think about all this? She did, however, admit that she had done this back in February. Us WeeklyWhile she admitted to regretting some of her on-air actions, she was not able to speak negatively about Austen Kroll and Gulbranson. Miller stated it this way: “I just feel like they all bring you to a point where you’re at now and like they’re either a blessing or a lesson [that can] teach [you] something [or] you learn something, whether it’s something that you don’t want or something that you do want either.” 

Kroll was in a heated relationship triangle with Miller, Hubbard and 2022. The “Southern Charm” star was ultimately repentant for his behavior, revealing to the Daily Dish (via E! News), “I understand that my selfishness hurt other people’s feelings … and so all I can do is try and do better, you know, learn and grow, of course.”

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