Fans Honor Late ‘Golden Girl’Use #BettyWhiteChallenge for a challenge to donate to animal shelters

Betty White fans pay tribute to her on what would’ve been her 100th Birthday by setting up a viral challenge to donate money to animal shelters. CBS News reported.

The #BettyWhiteChallenge hashtag has gone viral in the days after the star’s sudden passing on New Year’s Eve with people wanting to donate to animal shelters in her honor.

She wants to give $5 to an animal shelter, rescue, or rescue in her honor on her birthday. Yahoo! reported.

White’s birthday is January 17, and the star was preparing for it before she passed away from natural causes.

After Ryan Reynolds had eulogized White via Twitter, a user called Lisa Powell wrote: “Let’s all give something to your local shelter on Betty’s birthday on January 17th in Betty’s honor!” It’s the least we can do to still celebrate & honor Betty’s love of animals!! #RIPBetty #BettyWhite #ripbettywhite #BettyWhiteChallenge #BettyWhiteDay,” according to CBS News.

It is unclear whether Powell created the challenge. However, it appears that it was spread to others who agreed to help.

Many users sent tweets saying, “what a great idea,” “I am in!” Many shelters started tweeting for donations if people were looking for a place to honor White.

“THINK of all the animals we would help. I’m IN! Please pass this on,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Betty White was an animal advocate all her life. If all of Betty’s fans donated just $3.00 to an animal rescue, imagine how many animals would be saved in honor of Betty White,” another tweeted.

The Nebraska Humanin Society wrote “NHS is taking part in the #BettyWhiteChallenge in a unique way – we’re engraving a brick that will sit outside the shelter in her memory. Betty was a wonderful person who advocated for animals at every turn, and we think this is a great way to honor her.”

White was a documented animal lover. Katie Couric told White in 2011 that she liked animals. “animals more than people.”

White was a volunteer member and board member of American Humane. This organization is the first national humane association in the United States and the largest animal welfare certifier in the world. “No Animals Were Harmed” campaign, CBS News reported.

In 2011, she wrote the children’s book, “Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo.”She also opened the Los Angeles Zoo, 1966, and was a frequent attendee at events for Columbus Zoo over the years. She hosted the syndicated program. “The Pet Set” in 1977, in which she had fun with her famous friends around animals. It was recently released online.

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