Fans are confused by the meaning of “Slime You Out”, the song name Drake and SZA have created.

Fans are confused by the meaning of "Slime You Out", the song name Drake and SZA have created.

Let’s explore the meaning of the slang phrase ‘slime you out’ as the title of Drake and SZA’s brand new track leaves fans confused.

The surprise release comes ahead of the rapper’s new album For All The Dogs. Drake and SZA started dating in 2008 or 2009, according to Snooze.

Meaning of ‘Slime You Out’

Genius’ description of the song Explained that the meaning of ‘slime you out’ in this context is “to use them for their sexual benefits”.

“On the track, both SZA and Drake cruise over topics of being used by their ex-lovers,” the site adds. “While sharing their own personal feelings, revealing their malicious tendencies towards the opposite gender.”

That’s the meaning of the phrase in the song’s context, but it actually has a number of other definitions too.

Urban Dictionary also says that it is “also” You can also say: “to get crossed mostly after you did something foul or suspicious” and “to kill or rob”.

Adding to that, fans on Twitter have explained it can also mean “doing you dirty,” which is treating someone unfairly.

It’s not about them dating

The track doesn’t actually make reference to Drake and SZA’s fling at all. Both sing about their toxic ex-partners.

People have speculated for years that there was something going on between them. However, it wasn’t confirmed until 2020.

On 21 Savage’s track Mr. Right Now, the Toronto rapper said: “Yeah, said she wanna f*** to some SZA, wait/ ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08.”

SZA then confirmed they were once an item on Twitter, but clarified it was “actually 2009” that they dated and said he just “innocently rhymed ’08 w wait”.

The full lyrics are available.

[Intro: Drake]

I don’t know, I don’t know what’s wrong with you girls

I feel like y’all don’t need love

Need someone to micromanage your life?

You know what I’m sayin’? What’s the difference between right and wrong?

Who’s smart from who’s the fool

What utensil should I use to eat food?

Though I have a busy schedule,

I can’t really


[Verse 1: Drake]

You b*****es really get carried away

Makin’ mistakes, then you beg me to stay

Got me wiggin’ on you like I’m Arrogant Tae

I’m in a bad place because of you

The slaves whip and chain you up like American slaves

Sheraton hotels can be a bit intimidating if you are not used to them

I met the n***a you thought you could replace

Why were comparisons even made?

B***h, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave

I’m slimin’ you for them kid choices you made

Slimin’ you out, Slimin’ you out, Slimin’ you out

Ayy, this ain’t the littest I could get on you b****es

Send wires like Idris.

You lucky that I don’t take back what is given

I could have you on payment plan, ’til you’re hundred and fifty

And my slime right here, she got some bars for y’all n****a

So I’ma fall back and let SZA talk her s**t for a minute

[Chours: Drake]

Slimin’ you out, slimin’ you out, slime

[Verse 2: SZA]

Damn, these n****s got me so twisted

I’ll f**k you so real, but play b***h on my line?

I can feel what you spendin’

Got too much pride to let no burnt n***a slime me out

My night is free, so let’s go for a ride!

Let’s discuss all the lies about

Frontin’ out here, like you d**kin’ me out

And I ain’t even cumin’, numbin’ it out

And you ain’t ’bout the s**t you rappin’ about

And I can spin the ho’, I’m airin’ it out

I’m goin’ on like a sawed-off

You tell these h**s you ain’t cuddlin’

But with me, you know doin’ all that s***

You tellin’ these h**s you ain’t trickin’ off

But with me you know, I’m gon’ get it all

How you n****s get so carried away?

Trippin’ when that d**k barely third place

F***ed out of pity, it’s cute that you lame

Dip cause it’s mid I can’t fake liking sex

[Chorus: SZA]

Slimin’ you out, I’m slimin’ you out, I’m slimin’ you out


[Verse 3: Drake]

Yes, I know, it’s January. You act like you see things clearly.

In February, you should put your pride and evil eyes aside.

For the fantasy of gettin’ married, very scary

March got you already second guessin’ titles

As April begins, you will spiral upwards like the spring.

The weather is getting warmer in May

Poolside getting’ very tan

June have you movin’ ice cold, goin’ back and forth with a married man

July, that’s when I found out you lied

August, it was “Baby this”, “Baby that”, like you had your tubes tied

September, we fallin’ off, but I’m still the man you tryna win over

October is all about me, ’cause your turn should’ve been over

November, got your moodboardin’ for next year and you’re single

December the gift givin’ month, and now you wanna rekindle, I

Tryna build trust, showin’ me your DMs, how they tryna bag you?

Ironic how the news I got about you ended up bein’ bad news

Get a n****s hit got fifty racks, girl, the beef cost, like the Wagyu

Get a n***a hit, I’ll make his a** see the light, like a half-moon

Shout to QC, pretty sure I made P M’s, like it’s past noon

All I really know is W’s and M’s, life lookin’ like a bathroom

What I know for sure is that I ordered a fast-food meal at a drive through, and I was given M bags.

Sayin’ that I’m too guarded ’bout my feelings, who the f**k even asked you?

There are always seven guards on duty in the event that someone is really determined to try and break through.

Don’t know why I listen to you when I hear you talkin’ to me, it’s some half truth

If I don’t pay your rent, it end up like a old hairstyle, girl, that’s past due

If I don’t—

[Outro: Drake]

Ah, ah, that’s as far as I got

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