Fan Theories Reveal The Identity Behind Banana Split From The Masked Singer

A pair that’s believed to be famous appeared in the latest episode of The Masked Singer as Banana Split. The couple was part of Group A and viewers believe that they are married for many reasons.

The Masked Singer featured several participants who were disguised as Cupcake and Dalmatian, Mallard, Queen Of Hearts, and Mallard.

While the judges came up with their theories about Banana Split, fans are busy raving about the pair’s musical skills and how their performance was mind-blowing.

The Masked Singer clues decoded

Judges and fans tried adding up the clues to determine who could be the Banana Split pair.

While the male contestant was dressed in yellow with chocolate ice cream on the suit and a banana peel covering his head, the female contestant was dressed as scoops ice cream.

The two dots on the dice could have been a clue. Is that a sign they are married? Well, that’s what everybody thinks.

Fan Theories Reveal The Identity Behind Banana Split From The Masked Singer

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but notice how Banana did not do any singing as he sat at the piano. Ice Cream performed her vocals. This could mean that the Banana split could be a real-life relationship where one of the couples is a professional pianist and the other a well-known singer.

Who is Banana Split and why are they so popular?

Many are convinced that the musical duo is Katharine McPhee & David Foster.

David is a world-renowned musician known for his songwriting skills and his production abilities. Katharine is an American Idol winner who sang throughout their performance.

Banana split also reveals that they don’t necessarily always work together, which further supports our guess about the pair being David and Katharine, who are established individually for their work.

Nicole speculated that it might be Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling. However, this is a wild guess.

Who fans think Banna Split could be

While most fans are also suggesting that Banana splits are David and Katharine, some are of a different opinion.

One wrote, Tyga as Dalmatian on @MaskedSingerFOX and BANANA SPLIT! that’s crazy! Banana Split could be Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, or Carrie Underwood. Idk for sure.”

While another fan added, “I am 100000000000% sure banana split on the masked singer is Dax Shepherd and kristen bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, another tweeted, “Trisha yearwood and Garth brooks are banana split because of the different lives they had in the past now they’re still together in marriage”.


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