Family Thanksgiving will look very different this year with Josh Duggar in Prison

Family Thanksgiving will look very different this year with Josh Duggar in Prison

It’s been nearly half a year since Josh Duggar was sent from the Washington County Detention Center Federal prison. We’ve learned some details in the past about what Duggar’s time in prison has been like, but now he’s spending his first major holiday at FCI Seagoville. Although Thanksgiving holidays are generally celebrated with family and friends, things will look very different this year for Duggar’s clan. There won’t be any siblings attending events, patriarch Jim Bob may not, and there might also be some changes in how they eat. 

The former 19 Children and Counting Josh is a rising star who will enjoy his free time with the other inmates. At least it sounds like he’ll be eating well. Although prison systems have different plans for holidays, big meals seem to be a common feature across all of them. When it comes to Josh Duggar’s prison system, the inmates will both have meat and vegetarian choices, as well as dessert options. Below is the complete menu. 

  • Turkey breasts can be split
  • baked ham
  • sweet potato casserole
  • cornbread dressing
  • vegetable lasagna
  • veggie meatloaf
  • green bean casserole
  • Rolls
  • holiday pies
  • cranberry sauce

It’s not fancy, but it is a reasonably large spread with all the fixings. TMZ We also had a chance to see a number of celebrities currently in prison (think Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly). Although each prison has a different menu, they all offer some kind of bird. Although most of the prisons serve turkey, R Kelly (MCC Chicago), former and former were also mentioned by the outlet. Cheer Star Jerry Harris (FMC Lexington), is being served cornish chicken. 

Duggar said that, aside from the traditional food festivals, certain prisons have other planned activities and games. This is just one example. “card tournaments, art contests, bingo and movie screenings.” It’s unclear if family visits are a part of these proceedings.

While the Duggar family is known for hosting large holiday gatherings, there are rumors that there has been some rifts. Josh Duggar’s parents have allegedly helped support his wife Anna and the kids through their eldest son’s legal troubles. In addition, however, they also supported their son’s case. Michelle Duggar even pleads for “leniacy” ahead of Josh’s sentencing.

Joy-Anna Forsyth, Austin Forsyth, recently stated that they won’t spend Thanksgiving with their family. She instead told her Instagram followers she will be spending Thanksgiving here in Dallas, Texas. Joy-Anna’s sister Jinger posted a few days ago from California with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, though it’s possible they traveled for the holidays. 

In truth, Michelle and Jim Bob have only said one thing about Thanksgiving. The Duggar patriarch intends to fast He gained weight while on recent trips. So, his holiday will certainly be looking very different from his son’s, albeit for very different reasons.  

Josh Duggar currently tries to appeal against his child pornography conviction. 

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