Family-of-Five with Two Cats and a Dog Asks for Bigger Home Due to Daughter’s Health Issues

A family of five longs to move out of their cramped 2-bedroom home. Their living conditions are causing her daughter’s health to deteriorate, the mother says. 

Charlotte Wainwright is requesting a three-bedroom house to accommodate her family. She lives in a property managed by Aspire Housing which is situated in Oldham, Manchester in England.

Wainwright shares the home with her 23-year-old husband Bradley and their three kids, Harry, Elli Grace, and Thomas. They have three dogs. The mother expressed that they live in an “overcrowded” environment.

Mother pleads for better housing because her kid's health is affected by their current living conditions | Photo: Facebook/charlx1998x

Photo: Facebook/charlx1998x

Mother pleads to have better housing as her child’s health is being affected by current living conditions. The daughter is suffering. Wainwright claims that she has a hard time sleeping because all three of her children must live in the same room.


Wainwright puts forward that she cries herself to sleep because her three kids must stay in one room. The situation has spiralled out of control and the mother now claims that her daughter is in danger.

Speaking of her daughter, Wainwright stated: “She needs her room with a dehumidifier.” Another one of her concerns is mould. According to Aspire Housing, the family was told by Aspire Housing to keep clean. It isn’t enough, despite her best efforts.


The mother added: “I asked for someone to come out, and they said it’s just a case of cleaning.” Her daughter purportedly struggles with chest pains and bad coughing. These living conditions are affecting the whole family mentally.

According to the mother, she has a lot to cope with, even her youngest son Harry who has a spinal deformity that is currently being examined for possible epilepsy.


Wainwright alleges that the company has not helped them. She argues they need an “emergency move,” but Aspire Housing is not budging. She fears that things will get worse than they are now.

She added: “We have got no room. We are very cramped. I’ve tried my best to clean it, but the mould spores keep getting worse.” Wainwright  is emotional about the entire scenario and disclosed that she is “extremely annoyed” and “fuming.”


A representative from Aspire Housing, Jon Dickin, shared a comment from the company. He said: “We are aware of Ms Wainwright’s housing situation, and we have been supporting her to process her home move application.”

Dickin added that the home move process was connected to external services and various requirements. All these requirements must be fulfilled before a move can occur.


He also shared that they will investigate the damp issues next month. The representative expressed that they are in the process of helping Ms Wainwright’s family find a better-suited home.

They said: “We encourage all our customers to speak to us about changes in their living circumstances.” It is unclear if the family has found alternative housing yet, but it is believed Aspire Housing is in the process of helping them.

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