False Identity Season 3 Release Date


The thriller series False Identity originally known as Falsa Identitad is a Spanish production, that shook the audience with a compelling crime drama. The American Television series was initially aired in 2018 and conquered public interest soon enough.

False Identity: Plot

The main characters Diego and Isabel played by the talented Spanish actors Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi have to assume the identity of a dead American tourist and his wife in order to escape their pasts. The show is much appreciated owing to the character organization, suspenseful episodes, and widening beyond the crime genre to explore friendship, betrayal, love, and more. 

After the wrapping up of the first season in January 2019, Telemundo premiered the second season in September 2020. The series featured 91 episodes, each of 50-minute duration, which is unusually longer than an average television series season. Similarly, Season 2 that concluded in January 2021 was 80-part long. 

False Identity Season 3 Release Date

False Identity Season 2 that ended with some gruesome events and a heartwarming proposal from Diego to Victoria has left the viewers in awe to see more. The final episode of the second season was surely a much-awaited one. 

The fans are left really thrilled for a season 3 but we are not sure whether there will be a season 3. There has not been any official confirmation from Telemundo regarding the False Identity Season 3 Release Date. Don’t be disappointed yet, because we have been closely following fan theories that predict there could be an announcement regarding False Identity Season 3 Release by mid-2021. 

Until we wait, you can binge this much-loved show on Netflix, JustWatch, fuboTV or Youtube TV.