Facebook Reject folder filled with people who ignored you!


FACEBOOK has a hidden “rejection folder” filled with people who have ignored you.

Although it can be difficult to find this hidden page, it is definitely worth the effort.

We’ve all sent Facebook friend requests from time to time.

But you probably forget about them a few days after you’ve sent them – especially if they’re ignored.

Facebook offers a page that displays all friend requests sent but not answered.

It could be that the person isn’t using Facebook very often.

But it’s also possible that they’ve brutally rejected you – for reasons only they may know.

You can see and cancel any long-rejected friend requests, to regain your dignity.

Or you can let it linger, as a nagging reminder to your new “frenemy” that you’re still open to friendship.

How to find Facebook sent friend requests

There are two main ways to find your friends on Facebook.

The first is on mobile – so that’s your smartphone app.

Next, open Facebook. Tap on the Menu. It looks like three lines stacking on top of one another.

You’ll see a list of options – choose Friends.

From there you’ll be able to see your pending friend requests – which are ones you haven’t answered yet – as well as Suggested Friends.

Tap See All in the top-right to see all your pending friend request.

You will see three dots in the top-right just the left of the Search icon.

Click those dots to open a pop-up that shows View Sent requests.

This will display all the friend requests you have sent, but not yet answered.

The second way to do it is on the desktop – that’s your laptop, desktop PC, or Mac.

Then navigate to facebook.com/friends/requests.

This will display your pending friend request.

But if you click View Sent Requests in the top left, you’ll be taken to all the requests you’ve sent – but that has been ignored.

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