EXO Chanyeol’s impressive charms as fans celebrate K-Pop treasure’s birthday

Today, we celebrate EXO Chanyeol’s birthday! The star turns 30 on November 27, and fans are celebrating the stunning Cherry Prince. Let’s take a look at the rapper’s successful career in the world of singing, acting, and his charms that continue to win hearts. 

In September 2022, Chanyeol completed his duty and was discharged from mandatory military service. EXO-Ls warmly welcomed him back and are patiently awaiting his new exciting projects.

From singing to acting, the K-Pop icon has impressed fans with a range of projects over the years. As the EXO member turns 30, HITC takes a look at Chanyeol’s charms and how fans are celebrating 2022 Loey Day! 

EXO Chanyeol Birthday Special – Star’s Impressive Charms

To celebrate EXO Chanyeol’s birthday, let’s walk through his successful career and many talents. The star has proven over the years that there are a number of layers to his deep personality – apart from his charming and goofy quirks. He’s a true treasure! 

Versatility and OST King

Park Chanyeol and Punch are the voices behind the biggest original soundtrack hit in K-Drama land – Stay With Me for Goblin. 

Chanyeol’s deep and romantic vocals graced the OST with a melodious tune that still makes fans’ hearts flutter. In October 2022, Stay With Me hit a huge milestone and became the first K-Drama OST music video to cross 400 million views on YouTube. Almost six years later, the masterpiece is still one of the most loved tracks. 

One of his other OST hits includes Go Away Go Away with Punch for Dr. Romantic 2 and The Box.

The K-Pop group EXO’s main rapper and vocalist has also showcased his incredible versatility when it comes to singing. While the star has flaunted his powerful rapping skills with hits like Monster and Ko Ko Bop, Chanyeol has also won hearts with his tranquil vocals with tracks like If We Love Again with Chen. 

Talented Actor and Model 

Chanyeol’s stunning visuals have graced small and big screens alike. The actor most recently starred in the 2021 film, The Box, where he portrays the role of an aspiring singer on a musical journey. 

His acting credits include So I Married An Anti-Fan, EXO Next Door, and Memories Of The Alhambra. 

Whether it’s EXO’s impressive music videos or acting stints, Chanyeol always stands out thanks to his dreamy persona. In this photoshoot, the model can be seen exhibiting his top-tier visuals and endearing charms, justifying his ‘treasure’ label.

Ace of Live Performance

One of Chanyeol’s many masteries includes the art of spectacular live performance. One such performance is the singer’s cover of Creep by Radiohead, the emotion-infused live rendition still tugs at heartstrings. 

The Yours crooner has also impressed fans after playing a number of instruments live – guitar, piano, and drums on EXO tours and more. Chanyeol is a born star! 

DJ LOEY aka Chanyeol

Chanyeol knows how to keep his fans entertained and there’s nothing he can’t do! The star has won over audiences with some fabulous live DJ sets during EXO concerts. He has also played sets for fans through Instagram live.

When it comes to musical proficiency, the artist is a jack of all trades.

Proud Pet Parent 

Chanyeol’s sweet and warm personality takes the cake! The Tomorrow crooner is a proud parent of two fur babies – Toben, a black poodle, and Zzar, a Maltipoo. 

From photoshoots to showing off tricks in clips, the adorable pups feature on Chanyeol’s Instagram from time to time, which has almost 24 million followers. They are truly living a lush life with the global icon!

Fans celebrate Chanyeol’s Birthday

The celebrations for EXO star Chanyeol’s birthday have begun and fans are sharing special messages and birthday projects for Loey Day!

In a heartwarming message, a fan writes: “You deserve all the happiness in the world baby…Happy birthday Chanyeol.”

Another fan gushes: “Happy birthday to our multi-talented Park Chanyeol. Glad you’re finally back and starting to make music for your solo debut and I definitely will be looking forward to it! I wish you a wonderful bday.”

A third says: “Your voice is a treasure and has brought me immense joy!”

This fan has prepped a whole feast for the special day:

A wonderful fan project by the river for the Cherry Prince:

Birthday wishes from NY Times Square:

Chanyeol’s pup also visited one of the fan birthday events:

Happy birthday Chanyeol, we wish you happiness and health!

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