Examining Why Ratings and Reviews Are So Important for Businesses

In today’s tech savvy world where all the information and data one needs can be accessed in a matter of seconds, it can be hard to imagine a society where reading reviews is not an intricate part of the shopping experience.

It’s clear that testimonials, whether digital or print, are extremely valuable pieces of content for customers, but many people do not understand how important they are for the sustained well-being and growth of a business as well.

In this article we take a look at just a few reasons why every company should make accessible ratings and reviews a part of their brand’s offerings if they are not already.

Examining Why Ratings and Reviews Are So Important for Businesses
It is quite common for interested consumers to read detailed reviews of a product or service before interacting with it

#1 They Improve a Brand’s Ability to Be Trusted  

A brand that clearly and confidently allows their consumers to read reviews is undoubtedly a trustworthy one. This includes ratings that may even be negative in nature because, in doing so, the customer sees that the company is authentic and not filtering their reviews to only show positive ones.

When interested shoppers see that a brand is prioritizing the display of honest reviews, they are able to trust the business much more, rather than being skeptical that the product or service is actually worth their time and money. This also adds value to the item, which is the next point on our list.

#2 Valuable Insights Grow Sales

Secondly, when a product or service is reviewed, there is a higher chance that the consumer will interact with it rather than going to a competitor that does not give prospective buyers the same opportunity. Especially in oversaturated markets, ratings can greatly influence sales growth.

One example of this can be seen in the world of online sports betting, a sector that has recently gained huge momentum in the United States specifically. As more and more companies make their way onto the scene, experts in the industry are giving fans the chance to read up on different virtual providers before deciding to sign up and commit fully.

For instance, the BetMGM sportsbook review is one of these which analyzes every aspect of the service so sports enthusiasts know exactly what will be available to them when they choose it. It incorporates the added benefit of honesty, as the review provides a pros and cons section, rather than simply pointing out every advantage. Although this example targets the sports fan, this type of review can turn over major profit in various industries, from ecommerce fashion sites to platforms which sell technology products, and even streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

#3 They are Actually a Powerful Tool for SEO

One of the biggest benefits of reviews for businesses is the automatic SEO that they generate. For online businesses, this is a crucial piece of information, as high search rank positioning helps a brand to stay strong, as well as grow and reach new shoppers.

The fact is that businesses that have lots of expert or customer reviews are more likely to appear higher on a Google search result rather than those which do not. For example, an online shopper who is browsing the net for a new keyboard for their office laptop will receive an entire host of results from the search engine. However, those online businesses which prioritize product reviews will filter out the competition, automatically bumping their site closer to the top, and thereby increasing the chance of customer interaction.

Examining Why Ratings and Reviews Are So Important for Businesses
Nowadays, people are able to rate almost everything, as seen in this photo of an employee reviewing their workday on the way out of the office

#4 They are Catalysts for Word-of-Mouth Marketing

How many times have you heard a friend recommend you a specific restaurant because “they have great reviews,” or encouraged you to watch a certain Netflix series due to the fact that “its ratings are high.” In addition to establishing trust, growing sales, and enhancing SEO, reviews are crucial catalysts for word-of-mouth marketing.

A business may invest in high-quality products, a great website, and customer service staff, but the great thing about this type of advertising is that it is completely free. Additionally, it creates a buzz that can continue to grow and grow once more people learn about the service.

However, one thing consumers should keep in mind about online reviews specifically is that sometimes networks can be hacked, upsetting the virtual review system by leaving false, negative reviews or fake ones altogether. If you happen to be interested in learning more about the cybersecurity field that helps sites get protection against this type of thing, check out this guide on how to get started.

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