Ex-Man Utd star says Sir Alex Ferguson “went absolutely mental” at him down the phone

Former Manchester United star Darren Fletcher says Sir Alex Ferguson went “absolutely mental” at him even before he’d joined the club.

Fletcher had been considering moving to Old Trafford, but he wanted to move to Newcastle. This prompted his ex-boss to get into a rant down the telephone.

Ferguson was keen to sign the midfielder, who was 15 at the time, but was left concerned when an immediate decision wasn’t made.

Speaking to the Lockdown Tactics podcast, Fletcher said: “I had been going to United from the age of 12. Fletcher said that he enjoyed his time there. However, Sir Alex Ferguson was about to retire.

“Newcastle at this point were the second-biggest team. Everyone is telling you, ‘look at all of these great Man United midfielders, you’ll never get in the team, Newcastle is closer to home.’

“So, the word gets back to Sir Alex. He phoned the house one night, going absolutely mental. I’m 15, chalk white, and he’s f***ing giving it to me down the phone. My mum sees me and grabs the phone and goes, ‘don’t speak to my son like that ever,’ and slams it down.

Darren Fletcher nearly turned down a move to Manchester United
Darren Fletcher nearly turned down a move to Manchester United

“The next minute the phone rings again, it’s Sir Alex saying: ‘really sorry Mrs Fletcher but we really like your son, I’m coming up on the next flight to Edinburgh.’

“My mum is looking around thinking ‘I’ve not done the housework, I’ve got loads of washing,’ so she goes: ‘no you’re not, they’ll come down and see you.’”

Fletcher went on to sign for United following the conversations with Ferguson, enjoying a successful time in the North West of England.

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Darren Fletcher enjoyed a successful time at Manchester United
Darren Fletcher enjoyed a successful time at Manchester United

After making his first team debut in 2003, the former Scotland international won several honours including: five Premier Leagues, a Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.

After spells at West Brom, Stoke and elsewhere, the 37-year old finished his playing career.

He was able to return to United as a technical director after putting down his boots.

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