Ex-Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss Demands Castration and Death Penalty for Person Who Shot Birds After the Bobcat Massacre

Ex-Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss Demands Castration and Death Penalty for Person Who Shot Birds After the Bobcat Massacre

Ex-Hollywood star Heidi Fleiss moved to Nevada fifteen years ago and lived a more peaceful life. But, she is back making headlines after calling for castration and death for the person who shot one her prized birds. This disturbing incident occurred just one month after several of her birds were killed in a bobcat attack. Fleiss now plans to move with her birds to Missouri’s forest where they will be better protected after the incidents.

According to some reports, the shooting occurred on Christmas Eve. Heidi Fleiss told The Pahrump Valley TimesOne of her macaws, a five year-old macaw named Chuey that she has raised since birth, fell upon returning from a fly around the neighborhood. Following the holiday, she brought it to the vet. An x-ray revealed that the leg had fractured. It was shot with a pellet gun. She took out the pellet and preserved it as evidence. She is offering a $5,000 reward. 

Fleiss also spoke with the local paper, and unleashed his anger on the “sick fuck”She was the one who shot her bird. Here’s a portion of her very direct quote…

I don’t know what kind of sick fuck would shoot her as she flew with her brother. It’s going to be a horrible surgery for her… I want to castrate him. I want them to get the death penalty for shooting my little Chuey, who was just flying around doing nothing – and they shoot her. Because everyone in the subdivision loves her, I want them to be punished with the death penalty.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only trauma that has happened to her birds recently. Last month, a neighbor’s pet bobcat got into her house. Fleiss said that Fleiss was correct. “there was a massacre.” It’s unclear how many birds were harmed, but after the two incidents, she has decided to push forward with a move for the safety of the birds.

Fleiss is currently the owner of a bird sanctuary which is located near Fort Churchill in Nevada. Fleiss is passionate about the environment. Birds should not be kept in cagesSince her time in jail. Missouri, where she now resides on fifty acres near the Ozarks, is home to her new property. It’s also close to the Little House On The Prairie Historical Museum. She stated that Nevada has been an amazing place to live, but she is now compelled to leave because of the safety and well-being of her animals. 

Heidi Fleiss was instantly famous after being arrested in 1993. Running a prostitution ring that is expensiveShe mainly served the wealthy and famous. She reportedly kept her little black book secret, though it contained the names and addresses of several celebrities. After her time in prison for tax evasion relating to the escort service she opened a boutique. Pop culture occasionally makes an appearance. Since 2005, she’s lived a mostly low key existence in Nevada, running a bird sanctuary and getting involved in several businesses including a local airport. 

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