Ex-Gogglebox star Chris Ashby-Steed’s husband says he was ‘forced off show’ and suicidal

The husband of ex-Gogglebox star Chris Ashby-Steed, Tony, has claimed the show’s bosses ‘did nothing’ as his husband was ‘bullied off the show’ and felt suicidal.

Tony took to Twitter to vent his frustration at Paige Deville’s sudden departure from the show.

Paige was also scathing about the bosses of the Channel 4 programme, claiming that there was “zero aftercare” for the stars.

Tony and Chris were married in 2017, one year after Chris quit the show. Tony also criticized Stephen Webb, Chris’ former star on the show, whom he called a bully.

Tony tweeted: “Our hearts go out to you @Paige_deville. The studio stood by and watched Stephen bully my husband Chris off the show and did nothing to stop him.

Husband of 'suicidal' Gogglebox star says bosses 'stood by as he was bullied off show'
Tony married Chris a year before his exit from Gogglebox

“They helped him get his mum on the show behind Chris’s back without even telling him….

“@Paige_deville, they don’t seem to give a damn about the people below the superficial, it’s all about ratings and awards, not people.

“Even when it came out that being forced off the show made Chris suicidal, they didn’t contact him once!”

Tony assured concerned fans that Chris was doing better, but he admitted that both of them were greatly affected by the experience.

Husband of 'suicidal' Gogglebox star says bosses 'stood by as he was bullied off show'
Paige recently announced her departure from the show, claiming that there was ‘zero aftercare’

He added: “He’s a lot better now thanks, but he’s not fragile.

“He has a tough constitution – years of bullying as a kid made him toughen up. Everyone has their limits. Stephen robbed him of so much and treated him so badly that the studio tipped him over, :-(.”

Stephen and Chris were in a relationship when they started out on Gogglebox in 2013. They continued as a pair on the show as friends after they broke up, but in 2018 Stephen’s mum replaced Chris as his partner.

Stephen went on to star alongside his now-husband Daniel Lustig.

Husband of 'suicidal' Gogglebox star says bosses 'stood by as he was bullied off show'
Chris and Stephen were in a relationship when they first appeared on the show

In 2019, Chris claimed that he and Stephen were set to leave Gogglebox together having been approached about another show by a production company, but that Stephen emailed them to cancel the venture without telling him.

His ex also claimed that he often made snide comments to him.

Chris claimed that Gogglebox bosses had allowed the pair to continue the show, with new partner and on different weeks.

Stephen continued with his mum, but Chris said he was told that his new partner “wasn’t going to work”.

After Chris spoke out, a spokesperson for Gogglebox said: “The duty of care of the Gogglebox contributors is of paramount importance.”

Chris announced his exit from the show in February 2018.

Stephen Webb and Channel 4 representatives were contacted by the Central Recorder.

To get emotional support, call the Samaritans 24-hour Helpline on 116123, email [email protected] or visit a Samaritans Branch in person.

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