Ex-flight attendant. I always bring a 50p gift when I go on holiday.

A FORMER flight attendant revealed what 50p product she always brings to hotels when she’s staying in hotels.

Kat Kamalani, a Salt Lake City resident, shares many of her interesting travel tips and tricks.

Kat said there is one item she always takes - and it will cost you as little as 50p


Kat shared that she has one item that she always takes, and it is only 50p.Credit: Social Media Source

Her tip is to always have a bag of porridge with you in case you need it.

She explained: “If you don’t have a microwave, bring an instant oatmeal packet with you while traveling and use the boiling water from the coffee machine to have breakfast.”

Instant porridge pots can be purchased at most supermarkets for as low as 50p. This is a great way to save money.

Ex-workers warn that the hotel’s breakfast buffet is not what it appears to be.

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Takeaway bags of pastries are a better option.

Here are the top hotel breakfasts around the globe.

Kat shared her top tips on staying safe in hotels. She also mentioned a simple rule many guests ignore: repeat your room number to the front desk.

She continued: “Just in case there’s anyone around, you don’t want them knowing where you’re staying.”

This means that if your family is heard saying your room and then later seen at the hotel pool, other opportunists will be able to see your empty room.

Another safety method is to always use the deadbolt in a hotel room. Key cards can be easily hacked to gain entry to rooms. Also, check the room for any intruders before you settle in.

She advises that you always remove the decorative pillows and never place your suitcase on the bed because of the dirt it may have trundled around in.

Kat became a household name after her first video showing how to stay safe in hotels and spot bedbugs was posted. The video received 6.2m views.

She told Forbes“I made these videos in order to help others feel safer and more comfortable when they travel.

“I was honestly shocked to see in my comment section on hotel tips how much people don’t think of germs when staying in a hotel. (I mean, thousands of bodies see those rooms!).”

A £1 door wedge has also been touted as something to pack for safety, as putting it into the door offers another layer of security.

A safety expert revealed that you shouldn’t book a hotel room higher than the fourth or lower floors.

There are lots of ways to stay safe in your hotel room too


There are many ways to keep your hotel safe.Credit: Alamy

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