Ex-athletes and wealthy tourists are ‘eating by BEARS’ after a helicopter crashes and the beasts drag them away from the crash site.

Two wealthy tourists and an ex-athlete died in a helicopter crash. Their bodies were horrifically dragged and eaten by bears.

Igor Malinovskii (25), was a former biathlon star and was flying the Robinson helicopter in Kamchatka, Russia when it crashed to the ground.

Rescue teams found the remnants of the helicopter, which had lost communication, a day after the fatal crash


Rescue teams discovered the wreckage of the helicopter after it lost contact a day following the fatal crash.Credit: East2West
Ex-biathlon ace Igor Malinovskii, 25, had been flying the chopper on July 16


Igor Malinovskii was an ex-biathlon champion, and had flown the helicopter on July 16.Credit: East2West

He had been flying with prominent businesswoman Zoya Kaygorodova, in her mid-30s, and Sergey Kolesnyak, 39, a mobile phone company executive at company Tele2.

The trio were on a luxury tourist trip in the area, which is known for its bear infestation woodland, when they got into serious trouble.

According to reports, they lost communication because of bad weather. The helicopter then caught fire and crashed to the ground.

Rescue teams discovered the remains of the helicopter in the Valley of the Geysers, where they were named Hope or Nadezhda.

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Brown bears reportedly found the trio of dead bodies first, and they reportedly took their bodies away. “gnawed”These are their addresses.

According to 5TV, they cited local sources. “The remains of dead tourists after the crash of a Robinson helicopter in Kamchatka were dragged away by bears.”

Vladimir Solodiv, Kamchatka Territory Governor, confirmed the crash.

It is now believed that the remains of human beings have been discovered. 

The tourists had forked out a whopping £4,250 for the extravagant trip to Kamchatka, renowned for its bear-infested peninsula which is famous for its volcanoes and glaciers. 

Organiser of the fateful trip was Zoya Kaygorodova.

Before starting her own hygiene products company, she was previously a manager at Russian retailers TsUM (now Eldorado). 

Due to sanctions over the war in Ukraine, wealthy Russians have chosen to explore their country instead of visiting Western destinations. 

According to reports Malinovskii, he was a five-time junior champion in biathlon. His career was ended by the pandemic. 

He retrained in piloting and began working at a company owned by his father Vladimir Malinovskii. They ferry tourists to remote places in Kamchatka. 

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Investigators are currently investigating the cause of the poor weather crash. 

In a statement, the Russian Emergencies Ministry stated: “Unfortunately, none [of the three people on board] survived the crash.”

Top businesswoman Zoya Kaygorodova had organised the extravagant excursion to  Kamchatka


The extravagant excursion to Kamchatka was organized by Zoya Kaygorodova, a top businesswomanCredit: East2West
Sergey Kolesnyak, 39, a Tele2 exec, was mauled by bears after passing away in the smash


Sergey Kolesnyak (39), a Tele2 executive, was attacked by bears after he died in the smashCredit: East2West
An investigation into the incident is now underway


Now, an investigation is underway into the incident.Credit: East2West

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