Everything We Know About Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s Retirement Plan

Vanna White Pat SajakAre game show icons. These are the stars of Wheel of FortuneThey will continue to be relevant for many years. Have they thought of a retirement strategy? Here’s what we know.

40 years of being together

White and Sajak have started to write about another topic Wheel of Fortune contract extension. variety was reported that the two The show will continue through 2024. The beloved game show will be celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Sajak has also been awarded a new title: consultant producer. Maggie, Sajak’s daughter, will be joining the show as a social reporter. She’ll provide behind-the-scenes looks of Wheel of FortuneOn platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. This is a record week for the Sajak household.

Everything We Know About Pat Sajak and Vanna White's Retirement Plan

The show’s entire set will also be redesigned and updated. This extension begs the question: Do Sajak, White, and White have an exit plan? White’s in her sixties and Sajalk in his 70s, so it’s fair to question what the long-term plan is. Although the press release did not provide any information on a retirement plan for White, previous comments offer some insight.

Retirement together?

2019 Sajak and white Their 7000th episode was celebrated this is Wheel of Fortune. They both reflected on the past and looked forward to the future as they reflected back. Sajak stated that his retirement would be “in the single digits” of years from now, although he’s now committed up to the digit 6.

Sajak said, “I’d like to leave while the show’s still popular, and I’d like to leave before people ask me to leave.” He said he wouldn’t leave bitterly, but rather “because it’s time to go.”He did not suggest any name for a successor.

Everything We Know About Pat Sajak and Vanna White's Retirement Plan

White did not have any plans. She replied, “I can’t imagine anybody else on my puzzle board… that’s a scary thought. It’s mine.”Sajak also predicted that they would be leaving together. That exit won’t likely happen until at least 2024. Hopefully, by then JeopardyIt will be sorted out.

Tabloids Need to Shut It

Sajak’s retirement has become a flashpoint for tabloids. Back in May Okay! Sajak claimed that he was ready to retire due to too many gaffes. The GlobeSajak threatened to quit due to burnout, claimed Sajak. These stories get worse when you add this extension to the mix.

It’s hard to imagine the game show landscape without the familiar faces of Sajak and White. We won’t have to imagine for a few more years.

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