Everything We Know about Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife


Jean Muggli was famous for marrying Michael Strahan, an ex-American professional defensive football player. They parted ways after their marriage ended.

Jean Muggli was married to Michael Strahan, an ex-NFL player and national TV host. She became his second spouse and became the mother of her two children. She was also involved in scandals that broke during their divorce.

Michael Strahan is a Emmy winner, Super Bowl Champion, and host of numerous TV shows like “Good Morning America,” “The $100,000 Pyramid,” “NFL Thursday Night Football Pregame Show,”You can find out more.

Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan at SuperBowl XXXVIII – Gillette/Sports Illustrated Party January 31, 2004 | Source: Getty Images

Before BeingA top-ranking sports broadcaster, Pro-Bowler was an outstanding NFL player and retired early in 2008, two year after his divorce.

Strahan married Muggli when he was a Giants pro athlete. LastingFor only seven years. There is not much information about her after their bitter divorce.


Muggli was BornCarson, North Dakota on November 30, 1964. Mary Banning and Anthony Alphonse Muggli were her parents. diedHe died in his home on October 25, 2000. He was just 67 years old.

She wasn’t a single child. She had three brothers, and three sisters. According to her father’s obituary her siblings are Timmy CarolLee Scott Cindy Scott Cindy David and Denise.

Although little is known about her childhood, Muggli went to several schools. According to her Facebook, she AttendedCarson High School, North Dakota State University Moorehead State University University, University of Oxford and Mary College Bismarck, North Dakota

She was reportedlyStrahan Family INC.’s former manager at a New York City-based cosmetics store. She is now the President and Domestic Engineering. Her current occupation is unknown.

Muggli, who moved from the Netherlands to Sycamore Bend Plantation last year, posted pictures on Facebook showing that she loves riding horses, has them herself, and her children. She is an animal rights activist.


Strahan met Muggli, an employee at a salon, shortly after his divorce in 1996. He fell in love with her immediately, and he visited her salon nearly every day to purchase soaps and lotions that he didn’t need. Muggli :

“I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet, or he wanted to ask me out. I was not into athletes, but I learned very fast that he is not your typical macho kind of athlete.”

They were married in 1999 because of his dedication. Things were going smoothly for a while. Strahan credited Muggli with his rock because she took care of everything.

Source: Getty Photos| Source: Getty Images

This shocked many people, even their neighbors, when they filed to divorce. Their former neighbor Dorothea Frank was their divorce attorney. :

“No one’s as surprised as we are. I never thought there was a piece of trouble anywhere. We were shocked. You just don’t know your neighbors when you think you know your neighbors.”

A disputed prenuptial agreement that was signed by both of them when they were married led to their messy divorce. Muggli claimed that she owed half the assets of Strahan and wanted $14 million.

Jean Muggli stands during the divorce proceedings. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

They divorced in 2006 and the judge agreed to their final settlement. RecipientMuggli was $15.3 million and Strahan $18,000 per month for child support.

After she ReceivedHis lawyers secured a stay on the payment of half the settlement. This forced Muggli and his wife to auction their Montclair 30-room mansion.

Strahan, years after the divorce, admitted that it was difficult and that seeing it in tabloids didn’t make it any easier. He :

“I didn’t want to say anything or fight back to the papers because that fed more into it.”

He didn’t want to say things his daughters would search for and find in the future. It was a terrible and wonderful thing that happened to him. He stopped caring about what other people thought.


Strahan and Muggli WelcomeIn 2004, their twin daughters Isabella (and Sophia) were married. Their half-siblings Tanita, Michael Jr. and Strahan from Strahan’s first marriage with Wanda Hutchins. He said that they are close. Strahan :

“You worry how the kids will mix and blend, but brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters regardless of different mothers.”

Despite their divorce Strahan maintains a good relationship with his daughters. Strahan said that they were once in love. Interview Michelle Obama for “Good Morning America.”

Interview at Kids State dinner was their first interview. The girls were thrilled about the chance and to be at the White House. Strahan :

“The twins live a crazy life. One time they flew out to D.C. and interviewed the First Lady for GMA. Then the next day their mom was sending me a video of them riding horses and splashing around in a muddy corn field.”

The proud father was born in April 2022. revealedSherri Hill’s 17-year-old twin daughter Isabella made her runway debut on Sherri Hill’s runway. They love the girls who showed their potential for the entertainment business. Take a picture of your partnerPhotos


In 2021, Muggli will be ArrestMarianne Ayer, her ex-girlfriend reported her for violating an order to protect her. New York City police took her into custody. She was booked for criminal contempt after she allegedly violated the no-contact order.

Ayer claimed she had dated Jean Muggli. After their breakup, Muggli started harassing Ayer. According to her filings she accused Muggli a variety of crimes, including harassment, cruelty to animals, grand larceny, and disorderly conduct.


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