Everyday apps are killing your Android battery – the settings to turn off now

ANDROID users have been wasting their batteries by allowing some apps to run wild without changing the default settings.

Sometimes apps can tug at the battery, even though it isn’t necessary.

Android is an operating system produced by Microsoft


Microsoft has created Android, an operating system.Credit: Alamy

Geolocating apps are a huge help when you’re trying to navigate a new place, find matches on dating apps, and search for the best local cuisines on Uber Eats.

Location tracking requires high levels of power, so the battery will drain even if it is full.

Some apps only track your location when you use the app. Others scan in the background constantly, which can be costly.

You can disable location tracking for those who want to protect their Android battery and privacy.

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Navigate to Settings and click on Location to disable location tracking for your entire device.

To go off grid, simply toggle off “Use Location” to save battery.

Individual apps can also opt out of location tracking.

Navigate to Settings and then Location. Next, select App location permissions.

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You can then select any app with location access and turn it off.

It is possible to disable location tracking, but it comes with some risk.

TomsGuideA respected tech site,, stated that location services are possible “potentially lifesaving”.

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Google support BlogExplains that users can be left out of the loop when services are shut down, which could result in them not being able to access critical information such as earthquakes and emergencies.

Android allows users to keep their emergency location services ringing, while ignoring some less important location pings.

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