Every unvaccinated child will get Covid, Chris Whitty warns

ALL kids could get infected with Covid at some point if they aren’t vaccinated, Professor Chris Whitty warned this afternoon.

England’s Chief Medical officer said that without vaccinations, children between 12-15 years old are likely to contract the deadly virus.

Children who aren't vaccinated are likely to get Covid, Prof Whitty warned


Children who aren’t vaccinated are likely to get Covid, Prof Whitty warnedCredit: Getty

He revealed around half of the UK’s kids have already had Covid, adding: “we’re running into winter so there’s still quite a lot of damage that could be done in terms of disruption”.

The spread of the disease is being driven by the age group, as schools have returned to normal and social distancing was abandoned.

The virus is also a prime target for teens, who are largely unvaccinated.

Prof Whitty explained: “Virtually any child, unvaccinated, is likely to get an infection at some point between 12 and 15.”

He told the Education Committee in Parliament: “Let’s make an assumption that the great majority of children who have not had Covid are going to get it at some point over the next period.

“It won’t be necessarily in the next two or three months but they will get it sooner or later because it is incredibly infectious and because immunity wanes we’re not going to see a situation where it just sort of stops at a certain point.

Over the next few years, we will continue to see this happen. Vaccination will reduce that risk by, for the sake of argument, 50 per cent – it’s probably slightly more than that.

“People who’ve already had the infection – some of them will go on to get it a second time, that we know.

“And so the vaccination will further reduce that number and it won’t produce complete protection for those who were vaccinated and so there will be some people who won’t even get infected at all but they will be really a very small number.”

He said that vaccines tend to take longer to wear off in children than they do in adults. This is currently estimated to be around six months.

The move comes as a result of the school rollout of Covid jabs.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will be given to all children who have received their vaccinations.

As with HPV and flu vaccines, local School Age Immunisation Services are distributing Jabs.


Every unvaccinated child will get Covid, Chris Whitty warns


They won’t need the consent of their parents if they want to take the vaccine – as long as they are competent enough to make the decision for themselves.

Prof Whitty has said for the “great majority of cases, children and their parents come to the same decision”.

The jabs being given to school-aged children will prevent the virus from spreading to this age group, according to some experts.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “The vaccine has made a significant difference in saving lives and reducing transmissions, and has met the strict standards of safety and effectiveness of our renowned medicines regulator for those aged 12 and over. 

“Today is the culmination of the fantastic preparation work the NHS has put in place to ensure vaccines can be given as safely and quickly as possible.”

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