Every Location Visited By Agent 007 In No Time to Die

Fans of agent 007 will be relieved to see the latest installment from Cary Joji Fukunaga and Daniel Craig finally release in theaters. Before you get swept away by the film’s stunning scenery, we discuss where No Time to Die was filmed.

In this James Bond chapter, the agent gets recalled from his downtime in Jamaica to assist Felix Leiter in a mission to save a scientist kidnapped by Rami Malek’s Lyutsifer Safin.

Where was No Time to Die filmed?

No Time to Die has stunning backdrops, which are a hallmark of Bond films. Craig and his production team were seen at many locations around the world in 2019 and 2021. The trailer shows a glimpse at some of these locations.

It’s no secret that No Time to Die had a significant delay in its release due to the pandemic, as Universal wanted to wait until theaters had completely reopened again before releasing it.


A number of Italian locations are featured in the film, including a car chase sequence in Matera, located in southern Italy’s Basilicata. This scene continues to include the Ponte Acquedotto di Gravina, Puglia where Bond can also be seen jumping off the Roman bridge.

Craig was also spotted filming in the southwest town of Sapri, where the magnificent beach, Spiaggia dell’Arcomagno, was featured.

Port Antonio, Jamaica

The northeast city of Jamaica, Port Antonio, was used in No Time to Die as the backdrop to Bond’s time away from the agency.

Every Location Visited By Agent 007 In No Time to Die

Jamaica was a prominent location in the Bond series, appearing in Dr. No and Live and Let Die.


Nittedal and the famous North Atlantic Road were used for filming and the Norwegian government reportedly offered around 47 million kroner (approx $5.3 million) in tax breaks for the production to shoot No Time to Die there.

Aviemore, Scotland

Craig was spotted in the northern location of Aviemore, Scotland, around July 2021. The trailer also featured the Cairngorms area, which was adorned with tranquil lochs as well as plenty of greenery.


London supplied its native Pinewood Studios for various stuntwork in No Time to Die, and Craig was also spotted roaming the streets of Whitehall and performing scenes around The Big Smoke.

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands

Lastly, the northeast location of the Faroe Islands was featured in the No Time to Die trailer for some added picturesque moments.

No Time to Die will be available to watch exclusively in cinemas when it releases in the UK on September 30th and in the US on October 8th.

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