Elon Musk Slammed For Spreading Pelosi Conspiracy Theorie

New Twitter owner Elon Musk seemed to confirm the fears of many on Sunday when, days after taking over the platform, he replied to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by lending credence to a wild conspiracy theory about the recent violent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Clinton had shared a Los Angeles Times story about the Qanon and far-right links to David DePape, who attacked Paul Pelosi in the Speaker of the House’s home last week while looking for Nancy Pelosi.

“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories,” Clinton’s Tweet said. “It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

Musk replied to Musk on Sunday by linking to a conspiracy theory concerning Paul Pelosi, a Santa Monica Observer outlet that previously reported Clinton’s death and was being replaced by a body-double for a debate.

“There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” Musk ClintonThe link to an unverified story claims that Paul Pelosi was in a fight with a man prostitute at time of attack.

“This exchange between Hillary Clinton and Elon Musk should kill any remaining confidence advertisers had in the platform,”Molly Jongfast is the host of Fast Politics Podcast TweetWith Kyle Griffin, executive producer at MSNBC, adding to the mix, “Elon Musk is already spreading dangerous lies on the platform he owns.”

Jimmy Kimmel is, however, didn’t mince words. “It has been interesting, over the years, to watch you blossom from the electric car guy into a fully-formed piece of sh-t,”He tweeted.

Mark Harris is an author and journalist Additional, “So your first big move after an attempted assassination is to tweet a homophobic and demonstrably false lie from a wholly discredited source? Explain how you’re not exactly as awful as people assume you’re going to be.”

This outrage is just days after Musk attempted to calm fears of advertisers by stating that the social media platform would never become a commercial entity. “free-for-all-hellscape”Under his ownership.

“Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences!,”His statement was read in part. “In addition to adhering to the laws of the land, our platform must be warm and welcoming to all, where you can choose your desired experience according to your preferences, just as you can choose, for example, to see movies or play video games ranging from all ages to mature.”

Since Musk took ownership of Twitter on Friday, there’s been a surge in hate speech. He stated that Twitter would be a “social network.” “forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints,”That and more “no major content decisions or account resinstatements will happen before that council convenes.”

Perhaps conspiracy theories should be spread. Musk sends a tweet on Oct. 26 for insight into how he views Twitter’s role in policing misinformation.

“A beautiful thing about Twitter is how it empowers citizen journalism – people are able to disseminate news without an establishment bias.”

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