Elon Musk has sent six rules to Twitter employees titled “Insane Productivity”

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, SpaceX founder, and Twitter new owner doesn’t really have much to spare.

Musk believes productivity is the key to success. To ensure that everyone around him has the same vision, the 51 year-old created a checklist of behavior he encourages others to adopt.

Musk sent suggestions and emails to Tesla staff via Twitter.

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Email to Tesla employees leaked. It gives an insight into Musk’s management style and productivity analysis.

He mentions six things.

1. The frequency of meetings should be reduced

Musk claims that “excessive meetings are the blight of big companies and almost always get worse over time.”

Musk proposes that meetings be less frequent if there is an urgent matter.

2. Meetings that you don’t find valuable should be canceled

As with rule 1, if employees find they are unable to contribute to a meeting, they should be permitted to walk away without any repercussions.

“It is not rude to leave, it is rude to make someone stay and waste their time,” Musk:

3. Avoid using acronyms and nonsense words

Communicating effectively means being clear about your message. “don’t use acronyms or nonsense words for objects, software, or processes.”

4. Do not use “chain of command” To communicate

“Communication should travel via the shortest path necessary to get the job done,” Musk spoke to employees.

Musk believes it is unnecessary for employees at lower levels to speak through the chain rather than directly with a person.

“Any manager who attempts to enforce chain of command communication will soon find themselves working elsewhere,” He added.

5. Make use of common sense

Although it might seem obvious, there are some situations where common sense needs to be exercised.

Musk took the following example: “company rule” This would be “obviously ridiculous in a particular situation.”

6. Avoid big meetings

“Excessive meetings are the blight of big companies and almost always get worse over time. Please get [out] of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.”

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