Elon Musk confirms rumours about Amber Heard’s relationship by sharing a photo.

Elon Musk confirms rumours about Amber Heard's relationship by sharing a photo.

Heard dressed up in a cosplay outfit of a character from a videogame.

Elon Musk revealed that he asked his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard to play the Overwatch character Mercy, and the experience was “awesome.” Elon Musk’s life is described in a biography written by the Tesla billionaire. It reveals that Musk was involved with Heard for seven years. Heard, 37 at the time, commissioned Heard to make a costume because Musk thought she looked like Mercy. Musk confirmed the actor dressed in the provocative costumes for him. The tech mogul has since gained 154 million fans.Enjoy a Photo It’s his former girlfriend dressed in Mercy’s signature look. The video has been viewed over 7,000,000 times on X (formerly Twitter).

A new excerpt of his biographyElon MuskThe’revealed’ revealedDaily MailHe told her she reminded of Mercy in Overwatch, which is his favourite video game. She spent the next two months creating and ordering a costume from head to toe so that she could play his role. Musk replied to a Tweet about the incident from the book by saying: “She dressed up as Mercy.” It was awesome.” She wore the iconic bodysuit in white with gold stripes and a gold headpiece to transform into her videogame character. Heard also has mechanical wings attached on her back to help perform the role of the video game character.

Walter Isaacson claims in his book, Musk, a 52-year-old man with 11 children born to three different women was not “bred for peace at home.” The book states that “most of his relationships are characterized by psychological turmoil.” Most agonizing was his relationship with Amber Heard. She drew her into a vortex of darkness that lasted for more than a full year, causing him deep pain. It was brutal,” writes the author.

He became the consultant of the film Machete Kills in 2012. In 2012 they started their relationship when she began making her movie Machete Kills. It was about a scientist who wanted to establish a community on an orbiting station. Heard jokes in the book: “I suppose I can be a geek when it comes to someone who is also a hot girl.” Heard was convinced Musk “looked attractive as a rocket scientist” after Musk gave her a Tesla. He flew out to Australia while she filmed to meet her.AquamanTheir relationship “deepened”

According to the book: “Her playfulness was however accompanied with the type of chaos that Musk attracted. He and his friends hated Justine, Musk’s former wife, with an aversion that was even more intense than their hatred for Musk. Musk and She would fight all night, but he wouldn’t be able get up till the morning. They got back together after a breakup in July 2017. It was another “tumultuous” five months. Musk’s sister Kimbal and his family, including some children, went on a “wild trip” to Rio de Janeiro in December 2017. This led to the breakup of the couple. In the book, it says that Elon and Amber started another flamethrower battle when they arrived at their hotel. She locked herself into the room, yelling that she was scared she’d be attacked or that Elon would take her passport.

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