Elon Musk claims he has lost 30lbs, but his burps now taste ‘next-level’

Elon Musk, a Twitter user, has just revealed that he lost approximately 30 pounds. But his burps taste great! “next level.”

After midnight on Wednesday (16/11/11), a person will be called Chicago GlennThe tech billionaire was praised for his weight loss.

“You’ve lost a ton of weight, Elon! Keep up the fantastic work!”Glenn tweeted the tweet with a composite picture of Musk shirtless on board a boat, which seemed to be a recent photograph of him.

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This led to the response of the tech billionaire: “Down 30 lbs!”

After Musk’s reply, the official account of Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley chimed in to ask. “What’s made the most difference?”His weight loss journey.

Musk stated that he fasted and didn’t have any good food to tempt him. He also used semaglutide which goes under the brands Ozempic and Wegovy. It is a medication that helps with Type 2 diabetes.

This treatment was also limited due to TikTok influencers using them to diet. It also causes weight loss.

Someone is behind the account Niche Gamer They said that they also use Ozempic for diabetics and were curious if Musk was the one who had used it. “nasty burps”That “tastes like rotten eggs.”

Musk seems to be experiencing this symptom. Additional: “Yeah, next level.”

Musk hasn’t been on Twitter before to share his weight loss.

The billionaire was seen shirtless on vacation in Mykonos (Greece) in July.

The images circulated eventually led people to call him “body-shaming”. “pale”And “fat.”

Musk addresses these negative comments. Detailed explanation That he was. “fasting periodically”A friend advised him to feel healthier and he lost more than 20 pounds.

He then Follow-upHis original tweet included a mention that he used Zero to log his intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is possible daily or weekly. This allows you to set meal times that alternate between fasting and not fasting.

Musk and other fasting celebrities recommend that you always consult your doctor before changing any major diet.

Anyone who is struggling with the issues discussed in this article can turn to eating disorder charity. Beat’sYou can reach their helpline at 0808 801 0777 24 hours a day. Their website is available. Here.

NCFED provides support and information for people with eating disorders. You can reach them by phone at 845 38 2040, or via their website Here.

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