Eddie Deezen Grease Actor Arrested For Throwing Items at Police During Restaurant Disturbance!

Eddie Deezen is facing charges of second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing after police were called to a restaurant in LaVale, Maryland Thursday afternoon upon reports that he was making a scene. The actor, best known for playing Eugene Felsnic in the original Grease, reportedly refused to leave the restaurant, according to TMZ, and caused chaos when officers did arrive.

According to law enforcement officials, Deezen refused to leave the restaurant when the police arrived. He hid behind a woman sitting in a booth and refused to obey orders. Deezen, who was forcefully removed by police, threw many objects at the officers.

Deezen had previously posted on Facebook about his bizarre restaurant behavior. He complained about the waitress who served him every week for lunch.

Eddie Deezen Grease Actor Arrested For Throwing Items at Police During Restaurant Disturbance!

The waitress would go on to call out Deezen for harassing her on social media, calling him an “f-ing creep” and revealing he repeatedly asked her co-workers for her schedule and would leave the restaurant if she did not look how he wanted her to. “Eddie Deezen is an f-ing CREEP who comes into my work at least once a week, calls and asks other servers for my schedule, and if he comes in and I’m not wearing makeup HE LEAVES,” The server posted the message on Twitter. “And this grown a- old man has the balls to post this on Facebook about me I’m losing my mind.”

After that tweet went viral, Deezen’s public relations manager, Steve Joiner, dropped the actor as a client, calling what he did “very creepy” and wrong. “It’s creepy what he did. It’s very creepy. It’s very wrong,” he told Fox News at the time. “I think it’s immoral. I think it’s sexist and it’s unconscionable. All this young lady is trying to do is work support herself, and the last thing she needs is a grown man in his 60s doing something like that.”

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