EastEnders fans go wild as ‘desperate’ Janine clashes with Suki in epic showdown

EastEnders’ Janine Butcher is doing all she can to secure a job in order to provide for her daughter, Scarlett, but it became clear that she wouldn’t be successful at the Minute Mart.

Janine (Charlie Brooks), while trying to make fun of Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), practically begged Suki (Balvinder SOPAL) for a job.

Suki clarified that Janine would never be on her payroll.

Pleading for a job, Janine said: “Be honest, you can’t get the staff these days, right? But I am going to come to your rescue, I’ve got history in sales,” before Suki rudely interrupted her.

“Your reputation proceeds you,” she said with a smirk across her face before adding: “I’m not that desperate for staff and I don’t think anyone else around here is either.”

Suki instantly shut Janine down when she pleaded for a job
Suki instantly shut Janine down when she pleaded for a job

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn’t help but share their excitement following the tense scene, with one writing: “Janine and Suki. Spiteful cows the pair of them (but loving them ngl) #EastEnders [sic].”

While a second added: “OMFG evil Suki is back, I want to see her and Janine together in more scenes!!!!!! #EastEnders”

“Well said Suki, she certainly told Janine! #EastEnders,” tweeted a third.

Before a fourth typed: “Suki giving Janine what for #EastEnders,” alongside a string of clapping emojis.

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