Dwayne Johnson’s Voicemail “Petrified” Young Rock Star

It is hard to imagine anything more frightening than reading the words. “Missed Call—Dwayne Johnson.”

For Uli LatukefuJohnson’s younger brother, portrayed by. Young RockThis moment was extremely panic-inducing. 

Talk to E! News ahead of Young RockLatukefu claimed that Johnson called him after the conclusion of the first season, giving him a warning.

“Dwayne left me a voice message and said ‘Congratulations on season one, people are really loving it,'”He revealed. “‘But I’m going to warn you, in season two, should we go ahead, you better get ready to work.’ Half of me was petrified because I knew his work ethic, and the other half was like ‘Okay, let’s get ready to go.'”

Latukefu (who plays Johnson in season two at 21) was wise enough to listen.

The second season shows one of the most perilous—and grueling—parts of Johnson’s life, as he transitions from football into the world of professional wrestling.

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