Drinking alcohol doesn’t give you beer goggles — but it boosts your confidence, scientists say

BOOZING does not give you beer goggles — but it does boost your confidence, researchers say.

One bottle of beer made men 71 percent more likely to engage in conversation with attractive people.

Beer goggles could be a myth, researchers say


Researchers claim that the myth of beer goggles is a reality.Credit: Getty

The alcohol didn’t make them any less picky.

Stanford University in California asked 36 young men to choose the number of dates they’d like to have and rate pictures.

The participants were asked to give a rating of the appearances they saw in photographs and videos.

They were also told they could have the chance to interact with these individuals in future experiments.

They were then asked to choose the people they most wanted to meet.

They were also asked these questions when given another drink that did not contain alcohol.

The same rating was given to them before and after alcohol consumption, but they wanted more time with them.

Researchers have warned that the increase in confidence may be harmful in the long term.

Dr Molly Bowdring said: “Drinkers may benefit by recognising that social intentions change when drinking — and this may be harmful.”

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