Drew Carey, Price is Right Host, shared a funny story about missing tonight’s show debut due to Bob Saget’s kindness

Drew Carey, Price is Right Host, shared a funny story about missing tonight's show debut due to Bob Saget’s kindness

In January, the world lost a great comedy star. Bob Saget has diedAt the age of 65, he died. Celebrities, friends and acquaintances have paid tribute to him since then. Who famously worked alongside him Full HouseTo those who loved him for his humor to those who just wanted to pay tribute to a man who brought so many laughters to their lives. Stand-up comedian, sitcom star, and The price is right host Drew Carey shared a fun story about Bob Saget’s kindness, and why he missed an episode of The Tonight Show.

Drew Carey talked about his meeting Bob Saget at the beginning of his career before becoming host. The price is right. Speak with ETHe also shared:

He was a friend of mine when I started my comedy career. I had met him several times at a Cleveland comedy club. One time, he invited him to join him at a Full House taping. It was one of the reasons that I missed my first Tonight Show. [performance]. I was greatly influenced by the invitation to attend the taping. He was very supportive of me and gave me some advice. He was also kind to me and so nice.

Drew Carey’s earliest credit for The Tonight ShowThis is from 1991, when Johnny Carson hosted the show before Jay Leno took over the main duties in 1992. Full House ran from 1987 – 1995, so evidently Carey’s fans now could have seen him make his Tonight Show debut as a guest comic even earlier if Bob Saget hadn’t given him an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. The support of Saget clearly meant a lot to Carey as his career progressed, and there’s no denying that he became a comedy great in his own right, including a number of later Tonight Show appearances.

Drew Carey is the only person who can trace their roots back to Bob Saget. He was a comedian in Northeast Ohio. Drew Carey ShowBetween 1995 and 2004, you can land hosting gigs like Whose line is it anyway The price is right (including Night is the Best Time to Buy). Carey remembers Saget’s first impressions fondly, despite all his success on the small screen. He said Saget was a stand-up comedian:

I would go to him as a customer. And he would leave the place. He’s done shows that lasted two hours, and even two-and a half hours. He was once a five-minute show with five curtain calls and five standing applauses. He was so funny.

Drew Carey’s not the only one. Bob Saget gets a huge name in comedy to praise himFollowing his death, Adam Sandler was also included. SNL’s Pete Davidson. Members of his Full HouseFamilies also had the opportunity to send messages to the Olsen twins A rare public statementIn honor of their father, Jodie Sweetin Shared a “vow”For his funeral. He made an impression on fellow comedians, celebrities, and fans alike, and he won’t be forgotten. 

Bob Saget’s legacy can be relived in a variety of streaming projects, including, of course, his last film, “The Last Days of Bob Saget”. Full House. Check out A list of highlights from his long-standing and successful careerThat made him a comedy hero for so many. 

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