Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2: Release Date and Plot Expectations

The most unique and spunky mixture for the techies and the weebs is here, Dragon’s Blood; this series was a dream come true to the gamers and weeaboos as it combined both the genres eloquently.

Yes got it right! It’s an anime adaptation of the most top-rated MOBA games, Dota 2. This was the reason it became an instant hit on Netflix.

Renewal And Release:

The escapism from reality offered by this show hit a chord, which made the fans go gaga, and they have been demanding a second season of the series since forever.

We currently don’t confirm the renewal of the second season, but we can indeed say that the creators are definitely on it; who would not churn out the profits from this kind of series? The season is roughly expected to release around the beginning of 2022.

Dota: Dragon's Blood Season 2

Anticipated seasons:

This series is renowned worldwide as it was ranked 7th among the top tv series of all time. This can state that the odds of the series being renewed are pretty high, apart from it as we are fully aware that it has been chronologically listed as Book 1, which only further indicates there are many more to look forward to.

Plot Expectations:

Season 1 finale left the characters and didn’t provide us with closure for their stories, for example, Elf Invoker’s long eon wait of 1000 years to avenge the goddess Selene, as she is at his mercy, plot two will reveal the destiny for both of them.

The elves in season 1 are shown to believe a fallacy that lotuses might enable them to bring the goddess, Mene, back to the throne. However, plot two might reveal, as is being assumed by fans, that Invoker’s coming out with the fact that he had been planting those lotuses might prove to be a lie.

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