Dorothy McGuire Is Survived by Daughter Topo Swope Who Inherited Mother’s Beauty and Continues Her Legacy

Dorothy McGuire Is Survived by Daughter Topo Swope Who Inherited Mother's Beauty and Continues Her LegacyDorothy McGuire enjoyed an extended career in Hollywood, but her facial appeal was more striking than anything else, and her daughter Topo Swope seems to have inherited her beauty.

Dorothy McGuire was an actress whose work in movies like “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and “Swiss Family Robinson” made her popular. Her career lasted more than 40 years, and she appeared in over forty films.

McGuire received few awards but was acknowledged for her contributions to the motion-pic industry. McGuire was not only known for her acting talents, but she was also well-known because of her youthful looks.

For the best part of her life, the actress retained her youthful looks, which she eventually passed down to her daughter, Topo, who now runs a talent agency and keeps the legacy left by her mother alive. McGuire is a celebrity.


On June 14, 1916, McGuire was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the U.S. McGuire’s career was from 1943 to 1990. But McGuire was an outstanding actress and leader of her era.

The late 83-year-old McGuire was passionate and sweet on and offscreen. She was loved by many Americans and her fans for her calm and collected demeanor.

Dorothy McGuire poses for a portrait in Los Angeles, California circa 1987 |

Dorothy McGuire poses in Los Angeles, California, circa 1987.

Unlike her contemporaries, Joan Crawford and Betty Davis, McGuire was stunning; however, she did not command the same sexual appeal the others did. Darryl F. Zanuck says she was an angel.

The former actress was from a comfortable background and had a fairly good start in life. Thomas McGuire, her father, was a lawyer. Isabel Flaherty, her mother, was a well-tood career woman.

McGuire studied at the Omaha Junior College in Nebraska, and later on, she moved to “Ladywood Convent” in Indianapolis, Indiana. McGuire was enrolled at Pine Major Junior College in 1936.

Dorothy McGuire (1916-2001) wearing a white cardigan over a black high-neck blouse with a pearl necklace, in a studio portrait, circa 1950. |

In a studio portrait taken in 1950, Dorothy McGuire (1916-1999) wore a white cardigan and a black blouse with a pearl necklace. After her graduation at the age of 19, McGuire was already a groomed actress.

After her graduation at the age of 19, McGuire was already a groomed actress. Her career began a few years earlier, at age 13, when she successfully acted in “A Kiss for Cinderella,” which also starred Henry Fonda.

Although the role was highly competitive with over 200 applicants, it was an easy decision for the film directors to see McGuire, who innocently did the job well.

McGuire was supported by her father, an actor, to develop her acting skills. After her early successes on broadway, McGuire began to look for more challenging roles. She had to move to Hollywood to fulfill her ambitions.

Dorothy McGuire (1916-2001) sitting on a chair, wearing a black top with red and blue trim and a blue skirt in a studio portrait, circa 1940. |

Dorothy McGuire (1916-2001), sitting in a chair. In a 1940 studio portrait, she is wearing a blue skirt and a blacktop.McGuire quit college in 1937 and focused her attention on acting. She acted in some parts in New York before being offered a seven-year contract with David O. Selznick.

After leaving college in 1937, McGuire focused full-time on acting, and after playing some roles in New York, she acted in a popular radio soap opera, “Big Sister.” After some touring, she was offered a seven-year film contract by David O. Selznick.

In 1943, McGuire was loaned to 20th Century Fox to star opposite Robert Young in the hit film “Claudia,” where she successfully played the role of Claudia Naughton. McGuire then found love and married photographer John Swope during the Broadway run of “Claudia.”

In the 1944 film “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,” McGuire showed her acting prowess when she played the poor wife of a drunken waiter, and later on, she took up the role of a lonely, plain woman married to an unhappy, deformed First World War veteran in the 1945 film “The Enchanted Cottage.”

Fashion portrait of CBS Radio actress, Dorothy McGuire on October 11, 1940. |

Fashion portrait of CBS Radio actress Dorothy McGuire on October 11, 1940.

McGuire was nominated for an Academy Award for her part as a socialite divorcee in the 1947 film “Gentleman’s Agreement.” The movie went on to open more doors for her career-wise, and she played more leading roles in the years that followed.

For her work as “Miss Frances” in the romantic film “Three Coins in the Fountain,” McGuire received a Best Actress nomination from the New York Film Critics Circle in 1954.

Also, in the same year, she featured Crystal Benson in the movie “Make Haste to Live,” which proved to be a great hit. McGuire received a few award nominations throughout her career but not as many as she would have liked.

Dorothy McGuire in a scene from the film "Friendly Persuasion," 1956. |

Dorothy McGuire in a scene from the film “Friendly Persuasion,” 1956.

The 1976 movie “Rich Man, Poor Man” earned her an Emmy Award nomination, and later on, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the movie industry.

McGuire quit acting over the years after battling health problems. John Swope died in 1971. McGuire was still married to her husband.

The couple had two children: Topo, their daughter, followed McGuire’s footsteps and became an actress. Mark, Mark’s son, became a photographer and artist.

Fashion portrait of CBS Radio actress, Dorothy McGuire taken on October 11, 1940. |

Photographed October 11, 1940, fashion portrait of Dorothy McGuire, CBS Radio actress.

In 2001, the aged actress suffered a fall which led to the break of her leg, and later that year, McGuire died at age 83 from heart failure in a Santa Monica hospital. Her passing deeply saddened her fans and followers.


Like her mother, Topo wields similar ageless looks that once captivated the world, and one can easily see the striking resemblance between Topo and her late mom.

Topo found her true passion in acting after trying it. Now she is a talent manager and an artist. Topo’s extensive experience as a professional in front of the camera has enabled her to work with many of the industry’s most prominent stars. In 1994, Topo opened a talent agency that represents a large number of actors and celebrities. The actress loves to share pictures from her beautiful life on her social media, and it looks like she enjoys her world.

Topo Swope portrays Sis, wife of a bungling jewel thief in a scene from the film "The Hot Rock," circa 1971. |

Topo Swope portrays Sis, wife of a bungling jewel thief, in a scene from the film “The Hot Rock,” circa 1971.

Topo’s wealth of experience in her career in front of the camera has led her to work with some of the industry’s top stars. In 1994, she took the bold step of opening a talent agency that now represents a long list of actors and other celebrities.

Topo, a 73-year old professional, loves what she does. Topo is passionate about acting and loves to support her actors at the theater.

While she may not have achieved stardom as an actress, Topo has kept the legacy of McGuire’s mother, McGuire, alive and well.

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