Dominick Krankall’s Family Insists He Was Intentionally Burned as Mom of Alleged Bully Says That’s Not True

The family of a six-year-old burn victim says they’re telling the truth about what happened to little Dominick. 

Last week, backyard surveillance video seemed to disprove the Krankall family’s claims that Dominick was targeted by a neighborhood bully who threw a burning ball into his face. 

Instead, the video apparently shows an accident. 

The video footage appears to show the children setting a soccer ball on fire and kicking it. Later, the alleged bully grabs a container of gasoline, fills a cup, lights it on fire and leaves it on the ground. After that, Dominick can be seen walking to the cup and catching on fire.  

His pants may have been wet with gasoline.  

But now Dominick’s family has insisted that not all the video was released. They say an image shows the alleged bully holding a ball that he threw at Dominick’s face, which they say happened off-camera.  

The case gained national attention when Dominick appeared from his hospital room window, his face covered in bandages, waving to cops who had organized a parade in his honor. 

A GoFundMe page for Dominick has raised almost $600,000. The family used the money to purchase a new house, and Dominick appeared in a video, thanking their supporters. But some have questioned Dominick’s family’s motives, which his mother spoke out against. 

“It’s disgusting what some people are saying,” Dominick’s mother, Maria Rua, said as she held back tears. “I’d rather be broke than anything happen to Dominick. What he went through, was not easy.”  

But the family of the so-called bully say they are being unfairly maligned.  

The 11-year-old boy who allegedly bullied Dominick spoke to Inside Edition with his mother’s permission. He said he did not bully Dominick and was not responsible for his injuries. 

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