Dom Season 2 Release Date | When can you expect the Second Season?

Dom, the Brazilian series has concluded with eight episodes & now fans are waiting for the season 2 announcement. Get the complete details of Dom Season 2 along with its release date updates right here.

Dom Season 2 Renewal

Dom series was released on Amazon Prime Video on 4th June 2021. The series has grabbed the attention of Amazon viewers & left them wanting more. But, still, there is no confirmation on Dom Season 2 from Amazon Prime.

Seeing that the show has just released we can’t say Amazon Prime will cancel or renew the series for season 2. They will definitely take some time to decide the future of the series based on the views & ratings.

However, it is expected that Dom will be renewed for season 2 as the finale of season 1 ended with a cliffhanger & also based on the response it is receiving. You might have to wait for a few months for Dom Season 2 Renewal.


Season 2 Release Date

It is too early to say anything about Dom Season 2 release date, as it is not confirmed yet. However, if it renewed in the coming months then you can expect the season 2 release in 2022.

Hopefully, makers will give an update on the release date right after the renewal announcement. We will update the release date as soon as it is announced officially.

What to expect from Dom Season?

Dom Season 2 Release Date | When can you expect the Second Season?

Dom series follows the story of a father and son on opposite sides of Rio de Janeiro’s war on drugs. Victor, the father is a military intelligence agent who fights drug-related crime while his son, Pedro succumbs to the enemy that Victor fought against for so long.

Victor wants to help his son but Pedro runs off at the season 1 finale much to his father’s disappointment. Season 2 is expected to continue from where season 1 ended. Pedro ran off after escaping the clutches of the police in a nightclub.

He holds a gun to Viviane’s head to save his life & drives off into the night. Jasmin is pregnant with his child, and Victor is not sure that his son is ever going to return. After all this, there is a lot of scope for season 2.

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