Dog expert reveals grim reason you shouldn’t use clippers to cut your pooches nails – & it’s horrible for owner & animal

An expert in DOGs has explained why it is not recommended that dog owners use clippers to cut their dogs’ nails.

Why? The answer is actually quite grim.

TikTok users American Standard K9 The “#1 dog trainer on the Interwebs”!

A dog expert has revealed the reason why he recommends dog owners never use clippers when cutting their dogs nails.


An expert in dog care has explained why it is best to never clip your dog’s nails with clippers.Credit: tiktok/@americanstandardk9

He offers advice and tips on taking care of a dog.

In a TikTok, he explained the reason behind his grim suggestion.

The pet pro said: “NEVER DO THIS while trimming your dog’s nails. Very bad.”

Dog expert explains why your dog should not be restricted too much in terms of cutting its nails.

The pet expert shared a video clip online and said that it was obvious the French Bulldog was distressed in the video.

He said: “Okay? We are in a real mess.

“If you look closely, that dog actually threw up in its cone that it’s wearing.”

Dog expert explained that the restriction is causing panic in the dog.

He said: “I mean, they’re pulling out all the stops. They got this thing in what they call the air prison.”

“So the dog’s stuck in this, like, harness device, dangling, and they can still barely get the job done.”


According to the pet expert, dogs should be well-trained so that owners can calm them down when trimming their nails.

He said: “There is a better way, I promise you. This is just to teach the dog to obey, so that it will know to relax and lay down as soon as it receives the command to do so. “I know that it is easier to say than do.”

Dog owners are not advised to use clippers when trimming their pets’ nails.

He said: “The other bonus tip, I’m telling you, use a Dremel. Do not use these clippers.

A dog expert explained that even if a pet has only one encounter with a nail clipper they may develop a strong fear.

He said: “That’s probably why the dog hates it. You can tell if you’ve ever cut the toenail of a dog and got it too far and it bled if you did.

“Dogs usually hate that. Then use the Dremel. It’s a lot safer for them, and it’s a lot easier.”

This video has been viewed over 110.000 times.

One user said: “30 year groomer here…you are absolutely correct!”

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Another said: “I just started training my pup with a Dremel. Two hours was needed to finish her back paws, and 10 minutes for the front. next week I hope five mins total!”

“I heard giving them a bowl of water and they’ll stand still enough without them flailing about,” suggested another.

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