Does Young Royals season 2 bring Wilhelm and Simon together?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Young Royals season 2*

Young Royals, a Netflix series, is about a love story between Wilhelm, Prince of Sweden and Simon, a fellow student at boarding school.

Season 1 saw the couple become embroiled in scandal after a tape of sex they had recorded was leaked. Wilhelm, to save his reputation denied that he was a participant in the video.

As such, he and Simon ended their relationship but following the arrival of season 2, it’s clear that the pair still have feelings for one another.

Do Wilhelm and Simon finally get back together in Young Royals season 2? Or does something else get in the way?

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Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship in Young Royals

After the release of their sex tapes, Season 1 ended with Wilhelm splitting from Simon.

Wilhelm denied that he was in the video and asked Simon to continue their secret relationship.

Simon was not happy with their secret relationship and they ended their relationship.

The new season begins with the pair still apart but it’s clear that they hold feelings for each other.

But matters are complicated when new arrival Marcus catches Simon’s eye and the pair begin dating each other – although their relationship has its rocky moments as Marcus learns that Simon still loves Wilhelm.

Does Young Royals season 2 bring Wilhelm and Simon together?

After the conclusion of Young Royals season 2, Simon and Wilhelm are back together.

Episode 4 features a couple sharing a kiss. Episode 5 shows them having sex.

However, before they officially get back into a relationship, there’s one obstacle to overcome, Simon’s current relationship with Marcus.

In the season 2 finale, Simon and Marcus finally end things but it’s a messy breakup that ends on bad terms as Marcus disapproves of Simon stringing him along all season.

But the breakup does open the door for Wilhelm and Simon to get back together and this time, it won’t be in secret as Wilhelm announces during his speech in episode 6 that he was the one in the sex tape with Simon.  

Season 3:

Wilhelm’s announcement that he was one of the participants in the sex tape and is in an openly gay relationship will likely have huge consequences if and when Young Royals returns for season 3.

This jaw-dropping announcement is sure to cause the Queen to scramble for PR management as the Swedish public learns more.

Marcus might be resentful of Simon’s hot temper and try to end things with Marcus in a vengeful act.

Season 2 of Young Royals can be streamed now Netflix After releasing on November 1, 2022.  

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