Does Iván die in Elite season 6 and who was driving the car?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Elite season 6*

The Spanish-language series Elite, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, has been a hit with viewers. Its jaw-dropping twists have captivated audiences since its debut.

The newly released season 6 is no different as, from the opening moments of episode 1, it teases the potential death of Iván Carvalho as he is run over by a car.

Understandably, this has left fans fearing for the character but does Iván die in Elite season 6 and who was driving the car that hit him?

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Netflix – Elite 6 – Official Trailer| Official Trailer | Netflix





Iván hit by a car

In the opening moments of Elite season 6, we focus on Iván as walks out into a street and attempts to wave down an approaching car.

However, the car steers around him several times before smashing into his head, knocking him to ground and leaving bloody marks on his head.

The scene is a painful flash-forward to an incident later in the season. Each episode slowly unveils more information about the incident.

Does Iván die in Elite season 6?

No, thankfully Iván does not die in Elite season 6.

More details about Iván’s condition, and the car accident itself, are slowly revealed as the season goes on.

Elite has always been filled with relationship drama and Iván is at the center of more of that in season 6 as he and his boyfriend Patrick hit several obstacles in their relationship.

In episode 7, they get into a fight and Patrick storms off and a regretful Iván tries to go and find him, which is when he stumbles out into the street where he is hit by the car.

Flash-forwards earlier in the season reveal more with episode 3 showing Patrick finding Iván on the street and taking care of him as ambulance sirens draw near.

Episode 4 begins in very worrying fashion as we see a funeral taking place, but this proves to be misdirection as the memorial service was actually for Iván’s father, Cruz, who was attacked and beaten to death by a group of homophobic football fans after he came out as gay.

The next few episodes show Iván receiving treatment in hospital and in episode 8 it’s finally revealed that his condition has stabilized and that he will live.

Iván even begins to regain consciousness in the final moments of the season, with him whispering Patrick’s name as he starts to wake up.

Who drove the car?

Sara, a new character introduced to season 6, was the driver of Sara’s car.

Elite suggests that Elite could have been one of the other characters involved in the plot.

In episode 2, we see Ari walking away from the car that hit Iván while episode 6 shows her burning the vehicle to destroy any evidence – but this proves to be misdirection, just as the funeral was.

Episode 7 confirms that Mencia was the driver as Mencia wakes up behind her wheel after having been spiked at a club earlier.

It’s at this point that she calls Ari who helps her to cover her tracks by burning the car and agreeing to free their incarcerated father, Benjamín Blanco, so that they can get away and start a new life.

But the final moments of the episode reveal the truth, it was Sara who hit Iván with the car.

Sara is a new arrival in season 6 and is a popular influencer at Las Encinas alongside her abusive boyfriend Raúl.

Throughout the season, Mencia helped Sara deal with Raúl’s abuse and they form a close bond.

After Mencia gets spiked (by Raúl no less), Sara tries to help her get home by driving the car that would go on to his Iván.

However, she is an inexperienced driver and when she takes a moment to check on Mencia, who has passed out, she accidentally hits Iván as he leaves the club where they’ve been partying.

But instead of accepting blame, a shell-shocked Sara calls her boyfriend Raúl who helps to stage the incident to make it seem like Mencia was the one driving.

You can stream Elite Season 6 on YouTube NetflixAfter releasing Friday, November 18, 2022.

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